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Top 4 Most Visited Websites and How You Can Use Them For Your Business

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Getting loads of website traffic is critical to increasing your conversions and sales opportunities.

After all, the more people visit your site, the higher your chances of turning them into paying and even loyal customers. 

However, driving traffic to your site isn’t always a walk in the park. 

It takes using the right strategies (and tools) to do this successfully, from running paid ads to building quality backlinks (among others). 

One solution you might be sleeping on is knowing the top websites with the most visits daily and learning how to harness traffic from these sites.

In this guide, we’ll share the top four most visited websites globally and a few tips on how you can leverage them to boost your site traffic.   

1. Google

According to Similarweb, Google is number one among the top sites with the most visits globally.  

Also, data shows that web pages ranking on the first five organic results on Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP) get 67.60% of the total clicks in a day. 

This makes Google’s SERPs one of the best spaces to increase your web page’s visibility and drive tons of organic traffic to your website.

Consider these few tips for leveraging Google to help boost your SERPs visibility, raise your ranking, and generate organic website traffic. 

Perform on-page SEO

On-page SEO (or SEO in general) is a broad and often complex undertaking, but you can start with the basics by creating high-quality content that includes relevant targeted keywords. 

You can also optimise your web page for organic search by adding a meta description. This shows below your URL in SERPs and tells users what your page is about. Knowing what to expect from your page’s content makes it more likely for users to click and visit your site.

google rankings

It also helps to use dependable Content Management Software (CMS) with built-in SEO features to streamline your content optimisation efforts.

Optimise for mobile search

You could lose a lot of traffic if you don’t optimise your web pages for mobile search since more people use their mobile devices to browse the web.

Non-mobile-friendly websites can ruin the user experience, increasing bounce rates and lowering site traffic and click-throughs.

Make your website mobile-friendly by including an adaptive display for multiple devices, making buttons bigger and easier to click, and addressing other technical requirements, such as URL and page rendering and mobile-focused markups.

To generate non-organic website traffic, you can run paid ads and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns on Google.

Doing so can get you instant site traffic, but they can cost you in the long run. Once you stop running the ads, traffic can also stop coming in.

Optimise your website for Google search to increase clicks, generate traffic, and drive conversions.

2. YouTube

YouTube receives an average of 35 billion visits daily, making it a goldmine for harnessing quality website traffic.

Plus, YouTube videos are often more engaging than your plain text content. Use this higher audience engagement opportunity to your advantage by adding compelling Calls-to-Action (CTAs).

For instance, you can post a product demo video and include something like, “Thank you for watching! Get this product now and other exclusive offers by clicking the link to the website in the description box.”

Or stick to something simple, such as “Discover more on (your website link),” the way the Fenty Beauty YouTube channel did it.

fenty beauty youtube


It’s a great way to spark a sense of urgency while enticing viewers to act on your offers, encouraging click-throughs and, in turn, conversions.

Another effective way to drive website traffic from YouTube is to post useful, relevant content.

You can create how-to, entertaining, and tutorial videos addressing your audiences’ common pain points.

For instance, you can share step-by-step tips on how to buy SEO articles in a short yet informative video.

It’s a great way to provide valuable content to your viewers while encouraging them to learn more about your brand on your website.

3. Facebook

As of 2021, Facebook has almost 3 billion active users and gets around 22 billion visits every day, making it one of the most active social media platforms. 

Follow these quick tips to help get the most website traffic out of Facebook.

Add your website link to your Facebook profile

Get more interested visitors to your website by including your site link in your Facebook profile’s About page. You can also add a Shop on Website button for quick access to your product pages. 

It’s a quick and easy way for users browsing through the platform to jump from your Facebook page to your website and learn more about your brand and products. 

nike facebook

Publish your blog posts on your Facebook page. Give your followers a glimpse into your website content by sharing catchy quotes, short paragraphs, or sentences from your most popular blog posts and articles.

Include the link so viewers can easily access it and add a compelling CTA, a brief author’s bio, or a pain point to encourage your followers to click and explore.

Run Facebook Ads

Leverage Facebook’s in-platform advertising tools that let you run campaigns and track their performance.

You can specify the audience groups you want to reach, establish campaign objectives, and set your ad’s budget, run time, and schedules.

facebook budget

Other effective methods to engage your followers and audiences better and increase website traffic are offering giveaways and discounts, posting stories and videos, and pinning popular posts.  

You can also increase your Facebook audience engagement by answering user queries promptly via chatbot. 

Leverage powerful customer service software that lets you configure chatbots and run them on your Facebook account and other social media channels.  

4. Twitter

Twitter is the fourth most visited website globally because its platform allows users to jump quickly into conversation threads (or hear about their favourite celebrity’s thoughts on kale). 

It also lets users quickly get the latest on trending social media topics, news, and other hashtag-worthy events quickly. 

When used right, Twitter can be one of the digital marketing channels for your website to gain significant traffic. 

All this is good news for you if you want to use Twitter to drive traffic to your blog and other web pages. Below are some tips to help you do just that.

Tweet questions to stir interest and boost engagement

Get your followers talking and draw attention to your blog posts and other website content by posting engaging, interesting, and even funny questions, comments, GIFs, videos, or general ideas related to your topic.

The tweet from is a good example of this. The post uses an engaging message, touches on a pain point, and includes a link leading audiences to the blog post on the website. twitterUse theme-specific hashtags

Using hashtags increases your tweets and other shared content’s visibility. If you’re promoting a specific landing page, ebook, contest, or blog post, create a hashtag for it. 

For instance, you can use something like #myuniquebloglikeveryoneelses. This allows you to create a space where other Twitter users can talk about your blog post and even share it, increasing its visibility and encouraging visits to your blog post.  

Increase your website traffic now

While there are many ways to generate boatloads of quality traffic to your website, using some strategic and creative methods on the most visited sites will help skyrocket your traffic. 

Learn some of the best ways to do this from this guide and see which ones work best for driving up your website traffic. 


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