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The Most Popular Brands Made in China

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The Most Popular Brands Made in China

Not so long ago, China was associated with a giant factory where goods of popular American and European brands were produced. Today, however, this country boasts its brands, which have already become world-famous and won the love of consumers.

Almost all large companies from China have several common features: they are proud of their origin, have their own factories and research centers, products are pleased with excellent quality.

Let’s talk about those Chinese brands whose popularity has grown so much in recent decades that today they can quite compete with manufacturers from the USA, Japan, and European countries.


Chinese brands such as Xiaomi, Lenovo, and Huawei have become so popular in the world that they need no introduction. The main reason for their popularity is the favorable cost-quality ratio. Practical people focus on technical characteristics rather than on the prestigious name of a European or American brand.

Moreover, 21% of global consumers consider Chinese brands as a source of innovative solutions. That is, they do not just offer cheaper products but also develop their technological solutions. In addition to the listed brands, there are quite a few other brands in China.

Focusing primarily on conquering the domestic market, such manufacturers simply cannot afford to produce disposable or simply too expensive goods. This stimulates brands to look for the most non-standard solutions, and to use advanced technologies that lead to better results.

But the global giants we mentioned above are not the whole list. Many Chinese appliance brands have won the trust of buyers around the world. These include:

  • HAIER. Specializes in household appliances (refrigeration equipment, washing machines), which have a great combination of functionality, cost, and quality.
  • MIDEA. One of the world’s largest manufacturers. Produces equipment for air conditioning, ventilation, and heating.
  • GREE. A famous manufacturer of air conditioners, introducing unique innovations.
  • SUPOR. The brand produces reliable electric rice cookers and pressure cookers.
  • ANKET. Manufacturer of accessories (cables, headphones, etc.) for Apple electronics.
  • BLACKVIEW. Inexpensive smartphones with modern “stuffing” of sufficiently high quality.
  • DOOGEE. The brand has won the market thanks to “unbreakable” smartphones.
  • EDIFIER. A large Chinese company working with Canadian specialists. Specializes in acoustic and multimedia systems.
  • INFINIX. Offers smartphones of the middle price segment in a modern design and with good technical characteristics.
  • SJCAM. Manufacturer of action cameras popular all over the world, as well as accessories for them.
  • Ugreen, Essager, as well as Baseus. Brands that produce a wide range of accessories for technology (cables, adapters, holders, stands), chargers, headphones, etc.

Popular Brands Made in China


Chinese car brands are no longer associated with low quality – today they are serious competitors to more expensive European manufacturers.

  • CHERY. The company was founded more than 20 years ago and produces inexpensive cars. Most of them are SUVs, although the lineup also includes vans and sedans. Today the brand offers classic gasoline models, hybrids, and electric cars.
  • CHANGAN. The manufacturer actively cooperates with Suzuki, Ford, Mazda, and Peugeot. This Chinese car brand adheres to high European standards in design and quality of components.
  • GEELY. One of the largest automobile companies in China. It has not only huge production facilities but also a research base, and universities for training specialists.
  • HAVAL. The company specializes in creating modern SUVs and crossovers. Among them are both its developments and licensed copies of machines of European brands.
  • GREAT WALL. A large enterprise that produces crossovers, sedans, and SUVs, but became famous mainly thanks to pickup trucks. Models have high technical characteristics, most models have European design.
  • GAC. Chinese car brands produce cars and trucks, most of which are produced jointly with Toyota, Honda, and Mitsubishi. This already means a certain level of reliability and quality.


SPRANDI, LI NING, 361, X-Step – a line of the most popular sports brands on the Asian market. The quality is not inferior to famous world brands such as ADIDAS, REEBOK, and NIKE, and the price pleasantly surprises, the range is diverse, and the collections are constantly updated, based on modern trends in sports fashion. The quality of fabric and material for sewing shoes is high and has served for many years. Presented in the form of down jackets and courts, tracksuits, T-shirts, shorts, leggings, and shoes for a variety of sports and every day.

In this segment of youth clothing in China, such brands as ME&CITY and METERSBOWNE are popular, presenting a wide range of goods. from outerwear to underwear, shoes, and bags.

One of the most popular Chinese fashion clothing brands is ARTKA. Its distinctive feature is original and extravagant models that help to stand out from the crowd and set trends. The original combination of shades and different textures, interesting cuts – all these are the distinctive features of Artka clothing. Fashion experts compare it with the collections of Vivienne Westwood. The main style of Artka collections is boho-chic, often there are ethnic, rustic, and gypsy motifs. Prices for the goods are quite democratic, designed for the average consumer, which also contributes to the growth of popularity.

Social Media and Applications

The Chinese technology and social media market is different in that there are no social networks there that we are used to. Or rather, they are there, but either access to them is restricted or they are not popular. The main feature of this segment is its focus on the domestic market. However, there are such exceptions as Shein and Aliexpress, which have won millions of fans not only at home, but also around the world.

  • Douyin/TikTok. Douyin, known outside China as TikTok, is the unrivaled king of short videos. The platform has an audience of over a billion users, mostly women, just like TikTok.
  • Aliexpress. It is rightly the largest marketplace in the world, where you can find, almost, any product – from a phone case to a car. Hundreds of thousands of transactions are made on the site every day. People from all over the world buy and sell goods.
  • WeChat. This is considered the best app in China, because it combines the features of Instagram, WhatsApp and online banking. WeChat is both a messenger, a social network with all the features, an online bank and also – just a platform for communication. WeChat has more than one billion registered users.
  • Tencent’s Qzone, or QQ, is a popular messenger in China. It is more commonly used on desktop computers because it is integrated with email and file management, and has a certain nostalgic appeal for those who used to exchange messages online before WeChat.
  • Weibo. The Chinese Facebook. With its huge variety of social functions, Weibo has become an unrivaled multi-functional platform that cannot be compared to any Western social network. Almost any social network function can be found on Weibo.
  • Shein. One of the most popular online clothing and accessories stores in the world. The main target audience is the fair sex. The main advantage of the trading platform – unlike most competitors, it has a clear specialization in the form of women’s clothing.
  • Taobao. Taobao is the most popular e-commerce platform in China. It was opened in 2003, Taobao is owned by internet giant Alibaba. For many Chinese people shopping on Taobao is an integral part of everyday life, there you can buy everything from clothes and electronics to airplanes and skyscrapers.
  • Baidu. Baidu is China’s premier search engine. The Baidu app has a home page with recommended news, rating of topics by number of queries, videos, live broadcasts, a page with coupons and special promotions.
  • Pinduoduo. Pinduoduo is also an online store. Its main feature is group buying. Each product on Pinduoduo has two prices: the main price (full price) and the group price. The group price is lower than the main price, so it is advantageous for buyers to make purchases together with relatives or friends. The more people you buy with, the lower the price of the item.

Social Media Made in China

The Most Famous Chinese Companies

The first positions in the list of the most famous Chinese companies are occupied by Lenovo, the world’s largest personal computer manufacturer, Huawei, the second largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, and Amazon‘s main competitor for the title of the largest e-commerce platform – Alibaba. Next in most official rankings is Xiaomi, which produces not only smartphones but also a large range of home appliances. Xiaomi is followed by state-owned air carrier Air China.


For many years, the label “Made in China” was a sign of poor quality for many people. This may have been true in many cases: many well-known manufacturers with factories in China were careful not to publicize that their clothes and shoes were actually made in that country. However, in recent years, the attitude towards Chinese goods has changed: brands that present goods of the highest level of quality have entered the market. And this applies not only to the fashion industry but also to electronics and autos, as we have seen today.

“Made in China” is no longer synonymous with “low-quality”, it is rather an outdated and completely short-sighted opinion of some people, which we need to get rid of. And the brands of clothes and shoes, Electronics and autos we talked about today are the best proof of that.

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