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Bluesky declares itself as Twitter’s successor with new identity

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The renaming of Twitter to X in July 2023 caused quite a stir, as Elon Musk’s unexpected move disappointed many users and raised concerns about the future of the social network. Amidst this backdrop, few people recall an interesting fact related to the short blog service – the existence of Bluesky, a twin of Twitter on the web.

Bluesky was launched in 2021 by Twitter’s former CEO Jack Dorsey and software developer Jeremie Milller. It operates on a decentralized social network protocol and has been in test mode, with user sign-ups limited to pre-applications.

Initially, Bluesky served as the name for a Twitter project focused on developing an open social protocol. The company decided to retain this name for the resulting network due to its memorability and representation of an open space of opportunity.

As Bluesky continues to evolve, it is shaping its identity by introducing new features, including a logo. The logo will feature a blue butterfly, symbolizing Bluesky and replacing the previous blue and white blocks that often represented the platform’s name, being displayed against an image a blue sky with white clouds. According to Jay Graber, the CEO of Bluesky, the butterfly represents the emergence of the platform, much like a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis.

The blue butterfly in Bluesky’s logo seems to resemble Twitter’s blue bird, evoking a sense of fluttering rather than tweeting. By leveraging positive and cheerful associations, the logo presents the idea that Bluesky can be a viable alternative to Twitter/X.

To complement the icon, the company opted for an unassuming black sans-serif wordmark, reminiscent of the Nista font family. The platform has also introduced a new app with a simpler and more attractive design, departing from the previous strict, technology-focused aesthetic.

While some Bluesky users find the butterfly’s outstretched wings reminiscent of a “W” (a letter featured in “Twitter”), interpreting it as a subtle and clever dig at Musk’s X, others question the symbol’s choice. They note that butterflies often symbolize things that are frivolous, fragile, and ephemeral, which may not align well with a solid and enduring service.

Nonetheless, according to Graber, the butterfly reflects Bluesky’s decentralized technology, enabling multiple social networks to interact with one another. This allows users to seamlessly navigate between different applications within an integrated super network.

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