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XBIZ is a trade publication focusing on the adult entertainment industry. It covers various aspects including adult video production, digital media, sex toys, and retail. XBIZ offers news, feature articles, information about industry conferences, and legal analysis relevant to adult entertainment professionals. Renowned for its XBIZ Awards, it recognizes outstanding achievements in the field. It’s a key resource for industry updates and trends, catering to professionals and stakeholders in the adult entertainment world.

Meaning and history

XBIZ, initiated in 1998 by entrepreneur Alec Helmy, emerged as a pivotal resource in the adult entertainment realm. Its inception marked a new era in industry-related journalism, initially focusing on digital platforms before broadening to encompass various aspects of the adult entertainment sector, including film production, technology, and novelty items.

The publication quickly established itself as a cornerstone for industry insights, addressing the evolving landscape of adult entertainment. It delves into topics such as technological innovations, market dynamics, and legal aspects, providing a comprehensive view for its audience.

Notably, XBIZ distinguishes itself with the XBIZ Awards, launched in 2003. These awards have gained acclaim for celebrating excellence across multiple facets of the adult industry, from filmmaking to digital media. The event annually congregates a diverse array of industry professionals, spotlighting trailblazers and innovators.

In addition to the awards, XBIZ hosts the XBIZ Conference, a significant gathering for networking and professional development. This event draws a global audience, featuring insightful discussions and seminars that reflect the industry’s current trends and future directions.

XBIZ’s journey also includes expanding its media presence, launching additional publications and embracing digital transformation. This expansion reflects its commitment to being at the forefront of industry news and analysis. Its evolution from a web-based platform to a comprehensive industry guide underscores its role as an essential resource in the adult entertainment landscape, catering to a wide spectrum of professionals and enthusiasts alike.

What is XBIZ?
XBIZ stands as a key trade publication in the adult entertainment industry, offering a diverse blend of news, analysis, and insights. Established in 1998, it serves as a comprehensive source for professionals, covering trends in adult video, digital media, and retail, along with hosting influential industry events like the XBIZ Awards.



The logo features a bold, uppercase “XBIZ” in a large, sans-serif font, asserting a strong presence. A prominent star substitutes the dot of the ‘I’, adding a dynamic flair. The color scheme is a classic combination of white and a deep, confident blue, symbolizing professionalism and reliability. This blue is encased within a boundary, suggesting a commitment to providing defined, structured information. Above the main text, the phrase “THE INDUSTRY SOURCE” is included, emphasizing the brand’s authority and its role as a central resource within its sector. The overall design is modern, with clean lines that convey a sense of clarity and straightforwardness.

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