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What is a DBA? A Full Guide for Business Owners



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Few of us have names that suit our business (my buddy Tom Watts is an exception. Yup, he’s an electrician). And not all entrepreneurs need a business structure like an LLC.

That’s why a DBA is popular with small business owners; it enables us to register and use any name we like (within reason, see later in the post) for our latest venture.

But a DBA matters on several other levels too. 

Such as for business owners who need a name that projects a professional image, connects with their target audience, provides the flexibility to expand into other markets or locations, and works for online and local SEO, like business listings. 

For example:

Imagine you live in North West Seattle, want to start a landscaping business, and run it as a sole proprietor or a side business to your existing LLC.

Here, you’d either have to use your name or your LLC’s registered business name, which might not fit your new start-up, engage your target audience’s attention, or suit local SEO. 

A DBA lets you use a brand name, like North West Seattle Landscaping, perfect for SEO, local listings like Google My Business, and engaging your target audience’s attention.

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