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Uniti LogoUniti Logo PNG

Uniti is a Swedish automaker, primarily focused on electric vehicle (EV) production. The brainchild of Lewis Horne, it was birthed with sustainability in mind. Operating mainly from Lund, Sweden, Uniti seeks to redefine urban mobility with its lightweight and energy-efficient EVs.

Meaning and history

Uniti Logo

Founded by Lewis Horne in 2016, Uniti originated in Lund, Sweden, with a vision for sustainable urban mobility. Over the years, the company has successfully pioneered a range of lightweight electric vehicles emphasizing minimal environmental impact. Their cars, innovative in design, aim to reduce the carbon footprint substantially, merging eco-friendliness with cutting-edge technology. Currently, Uniti continues to grow, pushing boundaries in the EV sector, with a commitment to green transportation and technological advancement.

What is Uniti?
Uniti is a Swedish automaker, specializing in the design and production of sustainable electric vehicles. Founded in 2016, the company aims to revolutionize urban transportation through eco-friendly and innovative solutions.

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