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Troller LogoTroller Logo PNG

Troller Veículos Especiais is a Brazilian automaker that specializes in producing robust off-road vehicles. Owned by Ford Motor Company since 2007, it’s notable for models like the T4. Operating mainly in Brazil, Troller has gained a reputation for rugged 4x4s that withstand diverse terrains.

Meaning and history

Troller Logo

Founded in 1995 by Rogério Farias, Troller Veículos Especiais began its journey in the automotive world focusing on sturdy off-road vehicles in Brazil. The company’s standout product, the Troller T4, quickly gained traction for its durability and adaptability in challenging terrains. This success caught the attention of major automotive players, leading to its acquisition by Ford Motor Company in 2007. Under Ford’s ownership, Troller enhanced its production capabilities and expanded its reach. As of the last update, while it continues to be an iconic name in Brazil, the future direction under Ford remains a topic of interest.

What is Troller?
Troller is a Brazilian automaker, known for producing robust off-road vehicles. Acquired by Ford in 2007, it’s renowned for models like the T4, mainly operating within Brazil.

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