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Top 5 Marketing Tools Every Agency Needs to Streamline Workflows



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As a busy digital marketing agency, you can’t afford to waste time. 

After all, time wasted on tedious, repetitive tasks can create bottlenecks in your workflows and, in turn, seriously hurt your bottom line.  

The solution? Leverage reliable tools to make your marketing workflows more efficient for you and your team.  

With the right tools in your arsenal, you can help streamline your marketing processes, provide quality services to your clients, and boost your company’s profitability. 

This guide covers the five tools that can help you achieve just that. 

1. Vista Social

Getting clients for your digital marketing agency can involve TONS of work. However, you can streamline a lot of your critical social media tasks with Vista Social.  

Vista Social is a Social Media Marketing (SMM) platform with robust features to help brands and agencies strategise, implement, manage, and track social media campaigns.

It has all the tools other top-tier social media marketing platforms have but at a more affordable cost. Similar platforms charge per user, while Vista Social charges only $3 a month per profile. 

The platform’s SMM features help you automate publishing posts, engage with clients efficiently, and manage reviews of your business (among other functions).

vista social

Visita Social makes publishing easier for you in countless ways. For instance, you can post previews for Instagram and instantly tag users in multiple posts by clicking on Shared Media Items.

The Universal Mentions feature allows you to tag users with different handles per social media platform. You don’t need to search your database to find individually targeted usernames.

Besides Instagram, Vista Social accommodates Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, and LinkedIn, allowing you to centralise and manage your SMM campaigns across channels in one place.  


From setting priorities, managing customer relations and tracking campaign analytics, offers AI-based solutions requiring very minimal human intervention.

A robust workflow automation software,’s convenience starts with its visual, intuitive interface, showing all coloured-coded projects on one screen.

You can categorise reminders by day, week, and month per team member. 

You can also divide tasks into easier, more trackable sub-tasks. It’s one way of encouraging team members to tackle jobs from smallest to largest and help keep the workload from being too overwhelming. also uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to let you assign tasks automatically, weighing schedules and workloads, as well as strengths and performance, so your team won’t be saddled with too much manual work. 

The software integrates with Zoom, Google Drive, Microsoft Excel, Slack, and LinkedIn. Besides a free trial, the tool offers $8.00, $.10.00, and $16.00 monthly pricing plans.

3. Unbounce

Have you considered a handy digital marketing software that combines AI logic with your human marketing experience to create the best, revenue-generating results? 

Try Unbounce.

Unbounce uses Conversion Intelligence (CI, a kind of AI) to boost your creativity, letting you build and customise mobile-responsive, high-converting landing pages and website popups.

The landing pages are a key feature of Unbounce. You can easily input links in its sleek interface, which automatically integrates with major apps and websites.

Unbounce also does instant copy generation (Smart Copy). You don’t have to learn HTML or Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and let Unbounce’s CI functions do the heavy lifting for you.

Once you have the copy, you can create section components organised by target markets and campaign goals. 

Unbounce allows you to create landing pages and popups that help your visitors find links easily, increasing conversion opportunities.

The tool is compatible with Facebook, Google Ads, Google Analytics, OnePageCRM,, and Slack (among other platforms).

Depending on its inclusions (Smart Builder and Smart Copy), Unbounce’s monthly plans cost $90 to $225.

4. Userbrain

Userbrain is a cloud-based usability testing tool that helps you measure and validate customer experiences with your products, website, content, and more via continuous feedback.

It connects you to more than 80k testers whom you can tap to test any link, app, or feature at the click of a button, and you’ll get real-time reviews.


Userbrain is easy to use and highly customisable. You also get the freedom to choose specific demographics of testers who will tell you what works and what (and how) you can improve.

With such an intuitive and friendly interface, it can take only a few minutes for you to run any test to determine what’s working (and not working) for your products. 

The tool can help you improve your product and content development processes (among others). 

Userbrain’s monthly plans range from $35 to $230, depending on the features and pool of testers. There’s also a Test With Your Testers option that’s more interactive than the others.

5. BenchmarkONE 

While building customer relationships isn’t as easy as speeding up your videos using iPhones, you can streamline the process with reliable Customer Relations Management (CRM) software. 

If you want an all-in-one CRM designed for small agencies, then BenchmarkONE is for you.

BenchmarkONE simplifies tracking contact activity (down to specific links and ages), creating automated notifications and tasks, and keeping tabs on inbox conversations.

BenchmarkONE also allows you to build, organise, and customise your subscriber list. Then, you can use the automatic tag features to update your market about your offers.

Besides an easy HTML editor, there are sleek B2B email templates that you can pick for specific lists of emails, fostering more authentic relations. You can also schedule emails ahead of time.

The tool allows you to view which users have the most engagement based on tag score, links visited, and view count. You’ll be able to catch potential consumers in their time of need.

BenchmarkONE integrates well with major email services such as Zapier, Gmail, and Outlook. 


The Free Plan services 500 contacts and 1000 emails a month, while the Core and Enterprise plans cost $69 and $179 a month, respectively.

Optimise your workflows with the right tools

The tools in this guide will not only help you streamline your workflows but give you ample time to think creatively and freely. 

You can reduce spending too much time and resources on tasks such as scheduling, prioritising, delegating tasks, etc, allowing you to speed up your workflows for better efficiency and productivity.  

With menial, tedious tasks out of the way and your workflows running seamlessly, you can focus on more critical, revenue-generating tasks. You can better position your business for growth and success.

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