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Top 10 Relevant Self Employment Ideas to Start in 2024

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Entrepreneurs who want to start a home business can turn their property into a profitable source of income. 

As an Airbnb host, you can rent various properties, like an unused room, convert a garage/shed into a mini-apartment, an entire house, or an old airplane. And anywhere, from a bustling city center to a quaint country village. 

And it’s a property’s uniqueness that appeals to the Airbnb audience, so all you need is some imagination. 

Airbnb reports that the average host’s income is $924 per month. However, some super hosts with multiple properties can earn over $10,000! 

To start your Airbnb business, create an Airbnb account, abide by your area’s STR (short-term rentals) regulations, identify your target audience, implement a pricing strategy, provide your listing information, and upload quality pictures.

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