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An interesting image popped up in my LinkedIn feed about the Tony’s Chocolonely logo, posted by Tony’s creative director Arjen Klinkenberg.

Here it is.

In the comments beneath the post Arjen was asked how the logo would be used on smaller media, such as a pen. He replied, “I would start with asking why would we want to brand a pen, as an impact company that makes chocolate?”

Micky Ogando, founder at Austin-based Bakery, then weighed in with an astute comment, “…you’re not wearing ‘the product photo logo’ on your T-shirt in your LinkedIn profile, instead, you’re wearing the real logo, the vector one, the one printed on the package that is found on shelves. Better to keep Tony’s real, steady on the mission, not push for a trendy byline about using the product as the logo, when it clearly isn’t.”

Arjen Klinkenberg Tony’s Chocolonely
Arjen Klinkenberg, Tony’s Chocolonely

Micky has a point.

Tony’s Chocolonely point of sale
Photo via Lee Newman
Tony’s Chocolonely exhibition stand
Photo via

I mean, the logo’s on the chocolate.

Tony’s Chocolonely bar

But I’m really using Arjen’s LinkedIn post as an excuse to feature a brand making a positive impact, because paying a higher price for cocoa and turning a profit clearly isn’t easy.

More about the chocolate brand on Creative Review: Getting to know Tony’s Chocolonely.

A related read, Brands to avoid: Mars and Cadbury among chocolate firms criticised in ethics report.

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