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Thinking of starting a podcast? Read this first

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Don’t overthink shit

Too many podcasts? Can’t find your niche? How to stand out? How not to mess it up? There are several ways to go about this. Either you can already have reservations about this and give into the  “not everyone needs a podcast” way of gatekeeping yourself…or you can believe that everyone should at least try to have a podcast and give it a go.

Can you be good at it right away? Can you get good at it over time? Are you willing to put in the effort, anyway?

So many of you get entangled with these contemplations about getting successful at everything right away and instantly…and as a result of that, you’re not getting started. You care too much about no one watching your videos, or not getting enough listeners…which is all true and valid BTW, but as a human being who’s done this for decades, I can tell you that everybody starts this way. The time you waste pondering over achieving overnight success on your social media platforms is such a threat to your genuine productivity. It’s such a bad use of your time and energy.

Be prepared to start at 2 views: 

You make the videos/podcasts because you love it…not for the unrealistic expectation of instant fame and overload of views. Everybody started with 2 views. Mr. Beast started with 2 views!! When I started making content in my family’s liquor store, I didn’t have any views either, but over time when I continued to do it for the love of it, the results started rolling in. The video below speaks to those who want to get into any form of content creation, the key is to get started.

“Eggs On Wheels With Johnny Thompson” your podcast:

What does that mean?

The other day I asked someone to start a podcast and said they should intertwine their two biggest interests for it.
They came back to be with what those two interests are but it was too wide a range. Which is why being precise and narrowing your interests down to keeping it simple is so important. If you’re passionate about eggs, breakfast and cycling…name your podcast: Eggs On Wheels With Johnny Thompson. It’s simple, it’s clean, it explains what it’s about.

Don’t underestimate your uniqueness

I once met someone at a conference who said she didn’t want to “copy” anybody because everyone is copying or following the trends. I asked why she would let other people following trends get the business instead of her? She said it’s because she thinks she won’t stand out. In that moment, it was made very clear to me that so many of you don’t understand your own uniqueness. You are an individual human being with your own story and journey, and way of thinking. If you just leaned into your uniqueness when you share your story to the whole world, you stand out! 


@garyveeSo many people say “everyone is already doing that” people say there’s “so many people posting on social media, how do I stand out” people have so many excuses to why they aren’t posting … the reality is if you’re worried about the competition then you don’t believe the merit of your words or actions is worthy … if you’re scared to play because there are too many players then maybe your not a great player? Enough sulking and hiding behind silly statements, it’s time to step up! Take a step back and realize you can do this♬ original sound – Gary Vaynerchuk

Quality & quantity walk hand in hand 

Quality or quantity? The answer is BOTH! Volume–which means posting a lot; strategy–which means being smart about it. This is what’s going to make all the difference. You can post thousands of times but if the strategy is bad, it’s not going to work for you. You have to understand how the specifics of each platform work, spend hours figuring out each one of them and make it work for you because you could do a thousand push ups incorrectly and not get muscles…that’s exactly how doing content without good strategy is.



@garyvee Volume of content output + thoughtful creative strategy is the winning formula .. The answer is always “both”! #contentcreators #contentcreatortips ♬ Pieces (Solo Piano Version) – Danilo Stankovic

Take cues on How to Create Content In 2023 and tweet to me @Garyvee to chat more about how good podcasting works!

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