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It’s been a while since we connected with one of by Vista’s most prolific (and dare we say legendary) logo designers, artsigma. Much has changed in the 7 years since we chatted, but a few things remain the same: artsigma is still working exclusively on, and he has insanely impressive stats to show for it.

10 logo designs by artsigma
Eduardo’s logos have the winning combination of intent and impact

artsigma is the handle of Brazil-based creative Eduardo Lessa Venancio, and he’s been designing on the platform for over a decade. In that time he’s completed nearly 350 1-to-1 projects with 97 repeat clients and won 587 contests. That’s a lot of branding! And it means he has a ton of experience in winning contests and getting follow-on work: the ideal situation for any freelance creative.

In this long overdue update, we dive into Eduardo’s endless creativity, his advice for getting the client and his tips for staying inspired.

Hey, Eduardo! Congratulations on 10 years on! How does it feel?

It hasn’t always been easy, but my achievements have shown me that I can improve each day. 2022 was very good to me and I’ve been able to focus exclusively on 1-to-1 projects these days.

I will say since I started working on, I’ve gotten better at seeing the projects that fit my profile and filtering them to better manage my time. I’ve won many projects working on, and these achievements are helping my wife and I make our dreams come true.

You’ve been designing for over 15 years and you always seem to keep up with what’s fresh. How do you make sure your work is different?

In all the years that I’ve been working with logos, I’ve seen a lot of similar designs in contests. I notice them and make an effort to go a different path and make sure my creations are unique.

What’s your best tip for participating in design contests?

Focusing on the contest brief instead of relying on highly-rated entries from other designers is a great way to get a client’s attention.

It’s worth focusing on projects that match your skills. Take risks, and don’t give up on your ideas.
line drawing of a bird for birdsong logo
bold san-serif text for vivid logo
A few of Eduardo’s favorite logos from 2022.
illustration of a skill with handwritten text for skull water
Their distinct personalities are emphasized in black & white.

It’s also worth focusing on projects that match your skills or that you can relate to in order to deliver your best work to clients. Take risks, and don’t give up on your ideas. If you believe in your potential and enjoy working as a designer, then you should keep participating and trying to improve yourself every day. My favorite project from last year was a logo I created in a contest for Uncommon Education. Even though I didn’t win the contest, I liked it a lot!

Where do you go for inspiration when you’re stuck?

Due to the time I dedicate to projects, I don’t have time to read many [design] books. I’ve found things like Instagram and Behance helpful for inspiration.

I like Guilherme Vissotto‘s visual identity projects, they inspire me a lot! A designer that’s simple and to the point is George Bokhua. And James Martin’s Reels, despite being short, have a lot of relevant content for designers.

I’ve noticed you share a few “unsold” concepts on your Instagram. What’s your opinion on ready-to-sell logos?

In the past, I created logos with animals, letters and abstract elements to try to reach different industries. However I’ve moved away from these. They were high-quality designs and the customers were looking for a lower price than what I had offered.

I believe most customers want a new, custom logo for their company, so it’s hard to sell ready-made logos to them. However, I do think there is a specific audience that wants to pay a more affordable price for these designs.

What’s one thing that motivates you right now?

My wife motivates me to keep going and inspires me every day. We want to travel and visit so many places! Nowadays we have the possibility to do that and still be able to work on projects due to the incredible way works.

It’s an honor to be part of this story and to be able to help so many customers around the world.
illustration of a flower with sans serif font for montecito studio
logo design of an elephant
alien spaceship that looks like a burger
A few of Eduardo’s recent faves
loose illustration of a bear and rabbit hugging
Thanks, Eduardo! Anything else you want to share?

In the 10 years I’ve worked on the platform I never imagined achieving so much! It’s an honor to be part of this story and to be able to help so many customers around the world. Thank you so much for helping me to get better every day!

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