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Suffolk Sportscars LogoSuffolk Sportscars Logo PNG

Suffolk Sportscars, a boutique automotive company, specializes in recreating classic British sports cars, particularly the iconic Jaguar SS100. It was founded by Roger Williams, who aimed to offer enthusiasts high-quality, authentic replicas of this revered model. While maintaining traditional aesthetics, Suffolk Sportscars integrates modern technology for reliability and performance. The company prides itself on meticulous craftsmanship, ensuring each vehicle reflects the historical accuracy and elegance of the original design. Suffolk Sportscars, while relatively small, has garnered a passionate global following for its dedication to preserving classic car heritage.

Meaning and history

The journey began with extensive research and acquisition of an original SS100 to serve as a template. Suffolk’s mission was to produce replicas that were visually and mechanically faithful to the original, yet enhanced with subtle modernizations for reliability and drivability. This blend of vintage aesthetics and contemporary engineering soon became Suffolk’s hallmark.

Their first replica, the Suffolk SS100, debuted to acclaim, resonating with both collectors and driving enthusiasts. It captured the elegance and spirit of the Jaguar classic, using a combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology.

Over the years, Suffolk Sportscars expanded its portfolio, maintaining its commitment to quality and authenticity. The company’s expertise in recreating the SS100 extended to other classic models, each receiving the same meticulous attention to detail. Their cars, often built to order, allowed for personal customization, catering to the specific desires of their clientele.

The company’s reputation grew, attracting a global audience. Suffolk Sportscars became synonymous with excellence in restoration and replication of classic cars. Their work was not just about building cars; it was about preserving a slice of automotive history.

Suffolk Sportscars’ success lies in its ability to capture the essence of a bygone era and offer it to a new generation of enthusiasts. They bridged the gap between the golden age of British sports cars and the contemporary desire for classic aesthetics combined with modern reliability. As they moved into the 21st century, Suffolk Sportscars continued to innovate while staying true to their roots, ensuring that the legacy of the Jaguar SS100 and other classics live on for future generations to admire and enjoy.

What is Suffolk Sportscars?

Suffolk Sportscars crafts detailed replicas of classic British sports cars like the Jaguar SS100. They merge old-world skill with new-age tech, ensuring authenticity and modern performance. Their vehicles echo the past’s grace yet deliver today’s dependability. The company’s replicas are tailored to enthusiast desires, melding historical fidelity with personalization. Suffolk’s cars are not just transports but time machines to a golden automotive era.


Suffolk Sportscars Logo

The logo of Suffolk Sportscars features a bold, symmetrical design, marrying classic and contemporary elements. Centered is a hexagonal emblem with a duo-tone, stylized ‘SS’ monogram, hinting at both the company name and the classic SS100 model. Flanking this are two sweeping wings in shades of blue, signifying speed and agility, a nod to the company’s aeronautical inspiration. The wings are underscored by a series of horizontal lines, suggesting motion and precision. Atop, the full company name is spelled out in a clear, sans-serif font, asserting modernity and clarity. The entire logo conveys an image of heritage blended with innovation, reflecting Suffolk Sportscars’ ethos of crafting vintage-inspired vehicles for the modern era.

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