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Starting a Food Truck Business in California (Guide)

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Keep your menu simple, infuse it with a gimmick, and price it at its worth.

Wise advice from a food truck owner friend of mine. 

Sure, your food truck concept determines your core menu, but adding culinary flair to the mix, such as imaginative variations, homemade sauces, and innovative recipes (like Asian-infused tacos), is how you’ll create a memorable food truck brand. 

When creating your menu, ensure you can consistently make each dish in large quantities, that they travel well, and are easy to serve and eat.  

Pricing pro-tip: 

Average food truck profits are 10-15% of gross, but if you price too cheaply, you could run out of gas! 

Figure out your fixed and variable costs and profit margins, and price your items at 20-25% over your food cost, no matter the end price.

Because your target audience isn’t those who say your correctly priced food is too expensive. Your ideal clients are those customers who want to pay what something should cost from a quality food truck business.

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