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Smartsheet logoSmartsheet Logo PNG

Smartsheet is a cloud-based platform designed for work management and collaboration. It was created by Brent Frei and Mark Mader in Bellevue, Washington. The platform enables users to plan, capture, manage, automate, and report on work across the business, facilitating more efficient processes and decision-making. Its versatile spreadsheet-like interface supports various use cases, from project management to operational tasks, making it a tool for organizations aiming to streamline workflow and enhance productivity.

Meaning and history

Smartsheet Inc. emerged in 2005 from the innovative visions of Maria Colacurcio, Brent Frei, and Eric Browne.

The company, which is headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, initially faced slow adoption due to its complex interface. This led to a significant redesign in 2010, stripping down features for user-friendliness. This pivot spurred rapid growth, with the user base reaching 1 million by 2012.

By integrating with major services like Microsoft Office and Google, Smartsheet enhanced its collaborative work management capabilities, becoming a publicly traded entity on the NYSE in 2018. Its expansion continued with strategic acquisitions, including Converse.AI for business automation bots and 10,000ft for resource planning, marking its place in the software service industry.

What is Smartsheet?
Smartsheet is a dynamic, cloud-based platform that redefines the approach to collaborative work management, blending the familiarity of a spreadsheet interface with powerful automation and data integration capabilities. It boosts productivity, with real-time project tracking tools for diverse business needs.


Smartsheet logo

The logo features a bold, navy blue typography with the word “smartsheet” in a clean, sans-serif font, showcasing a striking, minimalist design. A stylized chevron adds a touch of dynamism, symbolizing upward movement and progress. The combination of the sharp graphic element and the simplicity of the text conveys a sense of modern efficiency and forward-thinking innovation, representing the brand’s focus on streamlined, intelligent work solutions.

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