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Sex Emoji – what it means and how to use it.

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Sex Emoji

Sexting is becoming increasingly popular, a study on the topic of “sex tech” conducted by the Kinsey Institute in Indiana has found. According to the study, respondents who express sexuality digitally are less likely to be lonely and depressed. However, there are no explicit sexual icons in the standard set of emoji, so over time a “hidden” international emoji language was created where some pictures mean quite different than they appear at first glance. Today, we’ll tell you about the most commonly used emoji in the context of flirting and sex.


Sexting (“sexual communications”) is a type of correspondence in which users share intimate photos and videos, use abbreviations and emoji to convey an erotic context.

The term has entered the masses with the development of modern technology, but its roots are in the distant past – at least correspondence with veiled innuendos and exchange of racy paper photos.

The first precedent, as noted in open sources, happened in 2005 in New Zealand: a 13-year-old schoolgirl posted “nudity” on a dating site. And in 2011, the Oxford Dictionary added sexting to its list of zeitgeist words. Sexting is not limited to visual content – users can also use emoji.

Meaning and Use of the Sex Emoji

Emojis can be sexual innuendos, and say your intentions without any words. For example eggplant and banana are often used to refer to the penis.

Peach represents the butt. Pussycat represents the vagina. Smiley faces with tongue out indicate desire, and raindrops indicate wetness or ejaculation. Let’s take a look at the most commonly used emoji in Sexting.

🍒 Cherries – hint of breasts and testicles. In a more innocent correspondence, cherries can mean lips or cheeks.

Cherries emoji

💓 A beating heart is arousal. In the same emoji, sexters can talk about moving buttocks during twerking, for example. The Heartbeat emoji indicates strong emotions, excitement or passion related to intimate relationships. It can also be used to express attraction to a partner or increase sexual desire.

beating heart emoji

🌰 Chestnut from this web language means a walnut-shaped fifth point. After all, not all buttocks are perfectly round, right?

Chestnut emoji

🍆 Eggplant The purple vegetable symbolizes a penis, also of impressive size.

Eggplant emoji

🌵 Cactus is a dildo or analog of the male organ. It was invented as a replacement for the eggplant 🍆 – too obvious was the past symbol.

Cactus emoji

🍈 Melon – still the same breasts, buttocks and testicles. The symbol is universal.

Melon emoji

🍎 Apple foreshadows the talk of buttocks emojiing that fruit. It’s not only used in sexting – there are lines of “apple jeans” in the slang of denim manufacturers.

Apple emoji

🌷 Tulip usually symbolizes female genitalia.

Tulip emoji

💔 A broken heart is not what it seems to be. In sexting it usually means cheeks.

broken heart emoji

🍭 Lollipop is a way to negotiate oral sex with the person you are talking to. Using the lollipop emoji in the context of sexuality is a hint of caresses, tenderness or experimentation in intimacy, particularly if either partner wants to hint at oral sex.

Lollipop emoji

🌭 A hot dog symbolizes about something dual: it can be both a phallus and a vulva. Some also use this emoji to refer to anal sex.

hot dog emoji

🍐 Pear is about appropriately shaped buttocks.

Pear emoji

🌽 The corn cob is considered another variation of the penis. Would you agree, there’s something to that?

corn cob emoji

🌮 The taco is a Mexican dish compared to a vulva. Sometimes combined with 💦 dribble – i.e. orgasm. A vagina that’s supposed to be “stuffed”.

taco emoji

🍑 Peach is a depiction of a butt. The peach emoji is usually associated with sex appeal. It is a juicy classic that symbolizes buttocks. It is an emoji for buttocks, booty, ass – call it whatever you like. Some people also use it to refer to the vagina, but there are better emoji for that.

Peach emoji

🌶️ Pepper in the context of sexting symbolizes spicy or expressive sexuality. It is used to hint at burning passion.

Pepper emoji

🎉 Party popper is often used in sexual “texting” to hint at orgasm, ecstasy, intense pleasure that escalates into real fireworks.

Party popper emoji

👅 The use of this emoji is used when they want to hint at flirting or emphasize the racy tone of the message. The tongue can also be used to express sexual attraction or hint at oral acts.

face with tongue emoji

🦴 Bone This emoji is a quick and easy way to ask for a meeting. Literally asking someone if they would like to have sex.

Bone emoji

🥕 Carrot This emoji represents a smaller penis, so it’s probably best not to mess with it. But you can use it in his chats with friends when they ask about your ex.

Carrot emoji

🍌 Banana This alternative to eggplant, but in verb form. For example: “I can’t wait to rip your clothes off and get down to it.”

Banana emoji

⚡️ Lightning Strike When the spark of desire on your part is as strong as electric, send this emoji.

Lightning Strike emoji

🔥 Flame Emoji with a flame tells your partner that you’re burning with desire.

Flame Emoji

♋️ Zodiac Sign Cancer. Sorry, Cancerians, but this symbol looks like position 69, which makes it popular.

Zodiac Sign Cancer emoji

👆 Thumbs Up Do you like to be touched? Use this symbol when you want your partner to do everything with just his hands. Feel free to pair it with a taco or peach.

Rhino emoji

🦏 Rhino This isn’t as obvious, but works great in context with other emoji and has the simple meaning of “I’m horny.”

Rhino emoji

😈 Smiling Devil Again, “I’m horny”. Devilish.

Smiling Devil emoji

👌 The OK sign A good old sign known to everyone since high school – meaning sex with penetration.

OK emoji


Keep your eyes open when choosing emoticons: if you want to visualize your shopping list as small pictures, you may send ambiguous messages. In so-called sexting, i.e. “dirty talk” in chat rooms, some emoticons take on a whole new meaning. For example, eggplant is a penis, peach is buttocks, their combination is a symbol of anal sex.

For some emoji there are more or less generally accepted interpretations. In 2016, Apple even attempted to redesign an emoji depicting a peach – in an effort to desexualize it. In 2019, Meta amended its rules to state that the meaning of an emoji is determined by context. That is, posts with explicit content that violate the norms of Meta-owned social networks Facebook and Instagram will be deleted, even if they are a set of emojis, vegetables and fruits.

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