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Ryabe Logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG, brand

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Кyabe LogoRyabe Logo PNG

The inception of Ryabe marked the entry of a distinctive women’s wear label into the fashion arena, steered by sisterly synergy. They championed the cause of conscientious fashion, designing trendy yet timeless pieces suitable for a diverse age range while staunchly advocating for the welfare of their workers and enriching the community. While the UK serves as their strategic hub, their production pulses in the heart of the U.S. Ryabe operates as a facet of XBP International LTD, and its reach extends to a network of fashion subsidiaries, showcasing a tapestry of global connections and ethical engagements in the textile industry.

Meaning and history

Ryabe’s origin traces to 2016, starting as a retailer for other brands. Post-transition, driven by a personal narrative to dress mature women like their grandmother, the founders—two sisters—curated their line. Their ethos combined quality, affordability, and ethical production. Growth led to brick-and-mortar success, but the 2020 pandemic nearly led to bankruptcy. Pivoting to online retail, they expanded their offerings, emphasizing ethical practices and workers’ rights. Ryabe also commits to social causes, donating revenue to fight COVID-19, embodying a blend of business acumen and social consciousness.


Кyabe Logo

The emblem features the name “RYABE,” rendered in striking, uppercase serifs that project an air of sophistication and robustness. Adjacent to the text, a graphic resembling a garment hanger subtly indicates the brand’s ties to the apparel industry. Below, the phrase “MADE FOR WOMEN” is inscribed in a more understated, clean sans-serif font, underscoring the company’s focus on crafting designs for the feminine wardrobe. This juxtaposition of the bold and the delicate within the logo mirrors the balance Ryabe aims to strike—honoring the timeless elegance of women’s fashion while embracing the contemporary need for simplicity and functionality in design. The visual identity encapsulates the essence of the brand: empowering through fashion with a clear, unwavering commitment to quality and inclusivity in every stitch.

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