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Personal Branding: How to Create a Personal Brand



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Your content strategy contains the goals you want to achieve and the type of content you’ll use to achieve them. Your marketing strategy is how you’ll distribute the content. 

To execute them successfully, you need to know what type of content to use and how to deliver it (for example, video, written content, or images). Fortunately, the marketing channels you’ve chosen can tell you everything you need to know.

How your platforms guide your content:

Just as specific platforms suit your niche, certain content works on your platforms—making it easier for you to create the kind of content your audience wants to see. However, each platform requires a different approach; it’s why successful brands usually use no more than 2-3 platforms.

Some platform examples: 

Suppose you’ve chosen a website or a blog as your marketing platform. Your content plan would include well-written SEO content, high-quality images, and possibly video links to YouTube. 

If it’s YouTube, your focus would be on producing the highest quality videos.

And with Instagram, beautiful photos, an intriguing brand story, and regular brand updates would be your approach.

Start by choosing 2 platforms, research the type of content your competitors are producing, invest in any necessary equipment (software or hardware). 

Only by defining both strategies and knowing exactly what will work, where it’ll work, and how it’ll work, can you establish your brand successfully. 

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