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OpenAI DevDay: A bit of intelligence



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Artificial intelligence is constantly expanding its influence. OpenAI, the company behind the dialog agent ChatGPT, has launched an annual conference aimed at promoting discussions on AI-related issues and showcasing its latest advancements in the field. The inaugural edition of OpenAI DevDay took place in San Francisco on November 6, 2023.

San Francisco-based design studio, Play, has developed a visual identity for the event, featuring a logo with the words “OPENAI” and “DEVDAY”, presented in rectangular and square versions. The design team opted for the Söhne Mono typeface by Klim Type for the wordmark. This typeface was chosen for its appearance, which evokes the traditional aesthetic of computer programming that serves as the central theme of the entire identity. Additionally, this design aligns with the imagery associated with digital technology. The square motif serves as the foundation for the graphic system, with the typeface being inherently connected to the typography of the technology domain.

The square shape directly references the “bit,” the fundamental building block of computer technology. This graphic element is used in the radiating ring often seen in the brand’s visuals. The intricate pattern of the ring allows it to be a unique feature in any size. The bit motif was also incorporated into the physical space of the venue, in collaboration with the Strong Brew studio. Bits were fashioned into a series of stackable cubes, showcasing bit patterns, directional typography, and logos.


Whether displayed against a light green, pink, or brown background, the logo becomes vibrant through the color palette that aligns with the OpenAI brand, expanding the spectrum to create striking contrasts. This color palette is effectively utilized in dynamic animations where the logo freely expands, transforms, and moves unpredictably. Within the brand’s color range, contrasting shades are paired together, representing the diverse array of people and ideas present at OpenAI DevDay.

The visual identity comes to life through various physical elements such as an interactive wall, bracelets, show maps, jerseys, and signboards, all designed in the event’s color scheme. Since its inception, OpenAI DevDay has made an impact with its simple yet dynamic graphic language, passionately highlighting technological achievements and the opportunities that elicit increasing hopes and fears.

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