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Labcorp Logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG, brand

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Labcorp logoLabcorp Logo PNG

Labcorp, once bearing the title Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings, carves its niche at the forefront of the life sciences sphere, offering indispensable diagnostic insights. This enterprise aids a spectrum of healthcare stakeholders in navigating medical choices with precision. Emerging from the 1978 unification of National Health Laboratories Incorporated with Roche Biomedical Laboratories, its inception took place in Burlington, North Carolina. Labcorp’s guiding principle is to elevate health standards and enhance human well-being by delivering a full spectrum of clinical lab analyses and holistic drug development solutions.

Meaning and history

Labcorp Logo history

Labcorp, initially birthed as Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings, embarked on its journey in 1978, merging two pioneers: National Health Laboratories and Roche Biomedical Laboratories, right in the heart of Burlington, North Carolina.

This fusion wasn’t just a business decision; it was a vision to forge a path in healthcare innovation. Labcorp quickly distinguished itself as a titan in the life sciences realm, serving as a beacon for diagnostics, drug development, and a myriad of healthcare insights. With a relentless pursuit of empowering better health decisions, Labcorp has evolved, embracing technology and expanding globally.

Through its expansive services, Labcorp continues to sculpt a future where healthcare decisions are precise, personalized, and transformative, making significant strides in the journey toward improved global health outcomes.

What is Labcorp?
Labcorp stands as a global beacon in the healthcare and life sciences industry, pioneering advancements in diagnostic and drug development services. With its roots deeply planted in Burlington, North Carolina since 1978, it has flourished into a vast network dedicated to enhancing health decisions and outcomes across the globe, bridging the gap between science and better health.


Labcorp Logo old

In the Labcorp logo, the ‘L’ and ‘C’ stand prominently in uppercase, asserting confidence amidst the otherwise lowercase letters, all depicted in a consistent shade of blue. To the left of the lettering, a graphic double helix, evocative of DNA strands, stands in gradient blues, conveying innovation and life sciences expertise. This emblematic design blends modernity with the company’s commitment to healthcare and scientific advancement.


Labcorp logo

The Labcorp logo presents a sleek transformation with its minimalist design. The once intricate helix is now a stylized, layered dot, conveying simplicity and focus. “Labcorp” is written in lowercase, signifying approachability and modernity, with the font in solid black for stark contrast and boldness. This refreshed identity distills the essence of Labcorp into a clean, contemporary brand image.

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