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Knife Emoji – what it means and how to use it.

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It would seem, well, what hidden meanings can such a simple and obvious emoji as Knife have? We will surprise you – they can, and even more than one. After all, the knife is actually a very meaningful symbol, which in different cultures and religions means different things. Well, in the modern world, it is usually associated with two very distant concepts – cooking and violence. Let’s see what the knife emoji can mean with messages and social networks.

🔪 The Knife emoji was assigned the code U+1F52A, with which it was added to the Food and Drink section of the Unicode 6.0 standard in 2010.

Meaning of the Knife Emoji

Knife Emoji

The knife was a tool for farming, a tool of the craftsman, hunter, shepherd, sailor, traveler, military, and many more. There was not a single sphere and field of human activity where a knife was not used. But things have changed today.

In the mass consciousness, the knife is both a tool and a weapon – this is a peculiarity in the modern world. This is what determined the uniqueness of the knife in prejudices and stereotypes. Nowadays, most people’s experience of handling a knife is reduced to a minimum – to use it for cooking food.

In addition to a tool for cooking, the knife is also a symbol of strength, freedom and masculinity. And, for example, in Buddhism, the knife is a symbol of breaking the connection with the material world and liberation. But as an emoji, the values of the Knife are still not so extensive. About how to interpret the messages and posts with Knife emoji we will talk below.

The Use of the Knife Emoji

Emoji Knife

So, as you have already guessed, the knife emoji is most often found in posts related to cooking, or cooking in general. You can add this picture to a recipe description, emphasizing the importance of cutting this or that ingredient.

The second meaning of this emoticon is more dramatic. After all, for many people, a knife is associated with weapons, and therefore with violence. And since the gun emoji has been replaced by a funny green toy, the only realistic gun emoji today is the Knife.

But that’s not all. The Knife emoji also has a more emotional meaning as well. This symbol can often be used to show the extremely bad and tense state of a person who is ready to destroy everything around him. The knife can also be a warning, in the context of “You’re walking on a knife blade, be careful!”.


So, today we have once again seen that even such a simple and literal emoji as Knife can have much more than one meaning. However, this emoticon still can not be considered the most popular, so it is quite rare, so we hope that the next time you suddenly come across a message with the Knife emoji, you will not have any questions about its correct interpretation.

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