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Justanswer LogoJustAnswer Logo PNG

JustAnswer is an online platform where users can seek expert advice across various fields. From legal, medical, to technical and pet care, it connects people with professionals for personalized answers. The service operates on a fee-based model, ensuring users get detailed, professional responses. It’s ideal for those seeking quick, reliable advice without the need for in-person consultations. This innovative approach brings expert knowledge to your fingertips, making specialized guidance more accessible and convenient.

Meaning and history

JustAnswer, founded in 2003 by Andy Kurtzig, emerged as a pioneering platform in the online expert advice arena. Kurtzig’s motivation stemmed from a personal need for quick, expert answers during his wife’s pregnancy. Starting as “ExpertAsk,” the platform initially focused on tech support. Recognizing a broader potential, Kurtzig rebranded it to “JustAnswer” and expanded into diverse fields like legal, medical, and automotive advice.

The company’s growth trajectory was marked by a strategic shift towards a subscription-based model, enhancing user engagement and revenue stability. Unlike traditional consultation services, JustAnswer provided a space for users to access a wide range of experts quickly and affordably. This approach democratized professional advice, making it accessible to a larger audience.

Throughout its journey, JustAnswer has remained privately held, with Kurtzig continuing as its CEO. This consistency in leadership has enabled a focused expansion of services and a steady adaptation to changing market demands. The company’s resilience and adaptability were particularly evident during economic downturns, where it continued to thrive by meeting the increased demand for remote consultation.

Investments and partnerships also played a crucial role in JustAnswer’s evolution. Strategic alliances with key players in various industries broadened its service scope, ensuring a diverse and robust expert base. This network of professionals, combined with an emphasis on quality and user satisfaction, fortified the platform’s reputation.

JustAnswer’s journey is a testament to the power of innovation in service delivery, driven by a clear vision and an unwavering commitment to providing accessible expert advice. Its success story reflects an effective blend of entrepreneurial spirit, technological advancement, and a deep understanding of consumer needs in the digital age.


Justanswer Logo

The wordmark spells out “just answer” in lowercase letters, showcasing a friendly and accessible typeface with soft, rounded edges, suggesting approachability and ease of communication. The “just” is in standard font, while “answer” receives emphasis through a bold type, indicating the company’s focus on providing solutions.

Adjacent to the text is a speech bubble symbol, reinforcing the concept of dialogue and exchange of information. This bubble is rendered in a cheerful shade of sky blue, evoking a sense of clarity and trust. The choice of blue is often associated with knowledge and reliability in color psychology, aligning with the brand’s mission of trustworthy expert advice.

The overall design of the logo is simplistic yet effective, encapsulating the company’s commitment to straightforward and accessible expert assistance. The combination of elements in the logo conveys a message of casual yet professional communication, inviting users to engage and seek the answers they need.

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