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How to make content in 2023

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@garyvee PAC .. get used to this term! If you’re a big brand, a small business owner, or a #contentcreator ♬ original sound – Gary Vaynerchuk

I get asked this a lot. How to get started. What to keep in mind when starting to create content. What’s trending? How do we evolve from here? The answer currently is on how to tap into PAC: Platform + Culture.

Tapping into PAC will change your social media game in 2023. The number one way to be successful in making content on social platforms is through the PAC.

What does it mean? Let’s break it down:


I’ll give you an example: Let’s say you’re in real estate. Every one of you has your listings listed on a website. If you were to take a screenshot of that listing on your mobile device, go to Instagram and TikTok and put that image behind a greenscreen and record your thoughts talking about the listing behind you…That video will get 5 to 10 times more views than a selfie video with the same the listing.

The platform creative strategy of green screens are *hot* as a creative format.

We need to have a conversation about judgement. Many of you ask for advice, only few of you execute. It may not be because you want to…but it’s the insecurity about what you’re going to say, how you look, is someone out there going to laugh at you, and other things that do nothing but hold you back.


@garyveePt. 2.. Good content isn’t about “selling” your product or service.. good content is about understanding culture and inserting yourself or your brand into the relevant conversations taking place online. Tapping into to PAC, aka “platforms and culture” will change your social media game in 2023♬ Emotional Piano Instrumental In E Minor – Tom Bailey Backing Tracks


If you understand the culture, the artists, the food,  that your audience is following – and in your greenscreen you reference the culture, you’re using those insights to your advantage. That’s how you make a case in terms of making your point relevant to the audience…and that itself is going to make a major impact in terms of creating a content.

Good content isn’t about “selling” your product or service…good content is about understanding culture and inserting yourself or your brand into the relevant conversations taking place online.


Don’t succumb to your insecurities

Some of you will give excuses about not growing up with with “so and so” technology, which is wildly convenient for you to say, when you’re smart enough to sit and figure out a new technology in two hours, just like driving or any other skill you choose to pick up later in life!

If you can overcome one insecurity today, make it about not caring about other people’s subjective opinion and start making more and more content about the stuff you care about. Don’t sit around saying “I’m too young to learn Facebook and I grew up or started with Instagram”

Extract value from to the platform nuances

If you do not know how the platforms are acting, TikTok, LinkedIn, Facebook, then you’re not going to be successful. It’s important to pay attention to the the interest graph in this. Best way to execute this correctly is to understand the tone, the tenor and the creative strategy of different platforms.

It’s knowing that Facebook Reels are very different from TikTok.

It’s in knowing that Instagram is not doing well with organic content but knowing that you could’ve been average and still crushing it on TikTok if you started it 4 years ago.

Youtube is the second biggest search engine in the world, as a result, it’s smart to title your video correctly is HUGE.
Are you correctly placing the URL? Are you using the trending filters? etc etc.  The answer is in these questions.

So, here’s what to do: understand how PAC works, start posting without insecurities, and evaluate how to evolve and pivot your content with time.

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