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How to do Market Research in 7 Steps

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Table of Contents

Define your goals, research questions, and hypotheses 

Think about what you want to learn. What you’ll do with the feedback you get? What problem you’ll solve for your customers? 

Also, have a testable hypothesis to use in your research. It helps create your discussion guide with structure, use test scenarios, and get feedback on your product/service designs and functionality. 


Put your guide into critical sections, each with a unique purpose

Each unique area (intro, warm-up, specific, and debrief) ensures you answer all the essential questions you formed when defining your goals. 

Ask for feedback

Your research is all about feedback, including your research sessions!

Ask interviewees about their experiences and other thoughts to help improve your future research sessions. This feedback could also illuminate areas you hadn’t considered, leading to further discussions and enlightenment. 

The open-ended question rule!

The golden rule in marketing research is to ask open-ended questions to avoid “leading your interviewees” or getting the dreaded one-word answers. 

Also, when you ask yes or no questions, you might sway their opinion with your conclusion.

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