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How to Create a Brand Story From Scratch



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So, as we just talked about, you need to know who you are, what you’re selling, who your audience is, and why anyone should care. Once you have those questions answered, you need to sit down and really write a story about yourself. 

In your story, you want to cover who you are, the customer’s pain points, your solution, and what you offer them if they choose your business. Then, connect the dots. 

“Write a story from the heart because this is a guiding document – no one will see it aside from yourself. So I would say, be open-minded for a couple of minutes and write your story,” Tamar suggests.

At first, it may be a bit challenging, but don’t give up. “This could be a great exercise on how to tell your product or services. Once you write it, rewrite it. And keep rewriting it until you have a concise paragraph or two. It’ll help you better understand your product and customers,” Tamar explains.

You may find that you’re not connecting with your story after you write it. It may even raise the question, “is this what I want to do as a business?” It’s a great exercise to help you better understand yourself.

To help create your brand story, Tamar recommends visiting your favorite brand’s website and looking at their about page. “Read what those brands say about themselves and how they write their story. You’ll see how they add their mission statement and pain points to connect with their audience,” she says.

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