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How to Conduct Audience Research

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Now with this information, we write a story about her. Here’s the audience persona of Sarah, your ideal audience for your candle business.

Sarah is 28-years-old, she graduated university with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and is now working in HR at a local hospital in Boston. Sarah isn’t married, she’s single at the moment and rents a small apartment on her own. 

She loves her job, but it’s stressful and exhausting, so when she comes home, she wants it to be her sanctuary – a peaceful and calm space. After a long day at work, she enjoys taking a bath, and then curling up on the couch with a glass of wine and a good book.

Is Sarah an actual person? No, but she could be. She’s a made-up character that shows your audience’s behavior, goals, challenges, demographics, and interests. 

From the persona of Sarah, you see deeper into who Sarah (ie. your audience) is and what pain points you need to connect with.

Once you create an audience persona, you have a clearer idea of your target audience and how you can connect with them on a personal level. 

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