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How to Build Brand Trust (5 Effective Tips + 10 Examples)



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2. Deliver on promises and stay true to your values

The second essential thing to do when positioning your brand as a trustworthy business is to practice what you preach. That is, to be consistent about delivering on promises and staying true to your values.

How do you do this in the real world?

For one, be clear about the values your organization stands for. WhatsGood does this spectacularly by saying that it’s a company

“passionate about local food and believe[s] localized food systems are a necessity for a sustainable future.”

But much more important than expressing your values, make sure that you also support them with your actions.

What makes ‘WhatsGood’ successful is that it works hard to fulfill its mission. Moreover, the brand actively works to educate its customers about local food systems with an in-depth help center that addresses tons of questions, from technical ones regarding how to use the brand’s app to those that pertain to the way products are sourced and processed and what that means for the consumer.

3. Practice transparency

The third tip for building brand trust is to practice transparency in all your communication with your customers.

This doesn’t just mean avoiding false advertising. More than that, you need to be honest about what your products can and can’t deliver. Try to provide as much information as possible, especially if having that information might help your customers have a better overall shopping experience with your brand.

For example, if preparing and shipping an item requires more than a couple of days, be sure to provide your customers with an estimate about when they can expect their package. Check out how Mixam did just that.

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