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Green Heart Emoji – what it means and how to use it.

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Green Heart Emoji
Green Heart Emoji PNG


Heart is one of the most popular symbols used in online correspondence. It usually expresses sympathy or even love, and is a manifestation of extremely tender feelings. In the standard set of Unicode emoji Heart occupies the top positions in the popularity rating, but there are several different color variants. And if everything is clear with the red heart, the other hearts require additional explanation. Today we will talk more about the Green Heart Emoji and find out what the sender meant and how you should react to it.

💚 The Green Heart Emoji was assigned the code U+1F49A, with which it was added to the Faces and Emotions section of the Unicode 6.0 standard in 2010.

Meaning of the Green Heart Emoji

Green is a fairly “neutral” color. It usually means a calm mood, poise, peacefulness. Green is the color of tranquility, peace. However, users of modern social networks give it another meaning. It is believed that the person who sent a green heart offers to meet, hints at sympathy in your direction.

A green heart is not yet ripe for love and relationships. This is a hint that the person sending it is not ready to send you red hearts yet, because you still have to earn a red heart. Green can not express excitement, aggression, but on the other hand, a green heart will not express so clearly high and strong feelings, such as red.

Green color means life, blossom, spring, hope. Probably, that is why a heart of this color symbolizes the desire to meet, because the beginning of a relationship, as the beginning of a new life, brings us hope and can be a promise of something new and very pleasant.

Green Heart Emojis

But not all users of social networks put a certain meaning and value in the chosen emoticon. Perhaps green is the user’s favorite color and he put a green heart in his status to suit his mood. So, more often than not, it is just pointless to look for a subtext in Green Heart Emoji.

Everyone decides for himself the meaning of this emoticon – many consider it natural – that is, a person is careful and grateful to nature and the world as a whole. Someone considers the emoticon as a sign of his mood – an even mood, well-considered decisions and a calm mood. Green color is generally identified with calmness.

Green heart is a very beautiful heart, which carries poise, as well as tranquility. This color resembles the color of grass, and is very pleasant for others. A large number of people believe that green is their favorite color. Many people send a green heart in friendly correspondence.

Green is the color of tranquility, it is if you take real life, as it is just visually calming. Well, a lot of life, transferred to social networks, in which such a heart, tells us that the person arrives in relation to you in a neutral and calm position.

The Use of the Green Heart Emoji

It would seem that Green Heart among emoticon symbols is just a green heart. The imagination of the person using it and gives definitions of the meaning of this emoji. However, modern social networks do not cease to surprise, and offer their own meanings for almost every emoticon. Thus, Green Heart can be found in correspondence related to the emerging sympathy and a hint of a romantic relationship.

However, this is not the only option for using the Green Heart Emoji. It is also often found in messages with text about nature, when writing about walking in the woods, or to express concern for the environment.

Also Green Heart is very suitable for Vegans and vegetarians. Thus, when sending a message about an interesting vegetable dish, the green heart is an indicator that it is delicious and already a favorite.

Emoji Green Heart

But that’s not all! On St. Patrick’s Day, a green heart in themed messages is appropriate, because green is the main color of this holiday.

Do you like green color in the interior, clothes, cosmetics? You can quite accentuate it with a green-colored heart. In other words, everything depends on you and your imagination, as the Green Heart emoji can transmit many different meanings, but all of them are positive.


In correspondence and in social networks, users use emoji hearts of different colors. There is a green heart among the icons. It most often means that the author of the message suggests you to meet. And if we take in general, the green color is associated with calmness and poise.

This means that the user is calm, because green is one of the “natural” colors of grass, green leaves. That is, this color does not excite, it is more a color of something like peace. And it is with the help of the Green Heart Emoji that a user lets another user know that he is in a “green” mood.

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