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Goofy Emoji – what it means and how to use it.

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Goofy Emoji
Goofy Emoji PNG

😜 🤪 🙃

It’s hard to imagine how we could use mobile devices and social networks without emoji just a short time ago. These small, brightly colored icons help millions of users around the world to easily convey the full range of emotions without wasting words. After all, some emotions are quite difficult to describe. And today we will talk about just such a category of emoji, namely Goofy Emoji. This definition corresponds to several emoticons from the standard set of Unicode, and the choice here is entirely up to you, because they all carry approximately the same meaning, which we will talk about below.

🤪 The “Crazy Face” emoticon was assigned the code U+1F92A, with which it was added to the Faces and Emotions section of the Unicode 10.0 standard in 2017.

😜 The “Sticking out the tongue and Winking” emoticon has been assigned the code U+1F61C, with which it was added to the  Faces and Emotions section of the Unicode 6.0 standard in 2010.

🙃 The “Upside Down” smiling emoticon was assigned the code U+1F643, with which it was added to the Faces and Emotions section of Unicode 8.0 in 2015.

Meaning of the Goofy Emoji

Goofy Emojis

Emoji in this category can cover emotional states ranging from goofiness and funny prank to “crazy”. And the joke and prank can be both in place and out of place, and not at the time, and sometimes even scare and greatly upset, and angry, and just to the second version of inappropriate and inappropriate joke, and fits these emoji to smooth the impression a little. Faces on Goofy Emoji fully correspond to the image of a jester, and, accordingly, they are often called – “jester” emoticon, “fooling” emoticon.

Visual perception of this emoticon is associated with the state – “emotional vertigo”, “fun on the verge of inadequacy”, “fun to the verge of madness”, more often the image of the emoticon is perceived as – “inadequate to the fullest extent”, as a fait accompli. And if inadequate, then, accordingly, emotionally “mad”, or “crazy” emoticon.

The emoticon conveys an amusing emotion, which can be translated as “madness”, “crazy face”, “crazy fun”, “going crazy”, “blown away”, “crazy funny”, “funny to the point of madness”, “very stupid”, “complete stupidity”, “stupid and crazy”, “idiotic joke”, “crazy joke”, “obscene joke”.

The Use of the Goofy Emoji

These emoji can be sent in response to a joke that is silly, weird, crazy, but still funny. You can show your foolish mood or express your desire to fool around, go crazy, have fun.

You can use a smiley to laugh at the interlocutor, ridicule his words or deeds, but you should expect that he may even be offended.

Usually this emoticon convey a playful mood, the desire to fool around, to tell a silly joke. Or used in the context when some information is fun and drives you crazy, does not fit in your head, but sounds funny. Simply put, the emoji depicts fun craziness.

The very expression on the face of these emoji suggests that the person who sent it is just wiggling, joking, freaking out.

With the help of these emoji, the author usually shows his foolish or playful mood. Or it shows that they are “going crazy” from overabundance or incomprehensibility of information.

Emoji Goofy

This emoji means that the person who sent it is in a playful mood, he is far from being serious, he does not want to scare the brain, but just wants to fool around.

In a word, a person is idle, goofy, engaged in nonsense – if you received such a message with an emoji – then you are hinted at uselessness.

In general, these emoji denote a non-serious approach, that is, the person who sent such an emoticon is simply having fun and fooling around in general. The Goofy Emoji is not malicious, that is, no one is not insulting anyone, just conveys fun and frivolity.


Emojis – pictograms that depict the emotion, mood of a person, are very popular. In general, the language of emoticons can communicate quite informative, if you know which of them and where to apply. A set of emoticons, in Internet correspondence for quite a long time has successfully replaced words, and expressions, and even sometimes whole paragraphs of information. And if earlier all emoticons were common, now the choice is not limited to standard emotions. And today we are once again convinced of this.

The Goofy Emoji is the equivalent of such a concept as not being serious, stupidity and foolishness in general. After it, you do not need to take what this or that person said to you seriously, because through this emoticon it becomes clear that this person is fooling around.

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