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Frog Emoji – what it means and how to use it.

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In the Animals and Nature emoji category there are a large number of different emoticons. Some of them are very cute and sweet, others are just more realistic, and others are not very nice. Mostly emoji animals and mean the animals themselves, rarely carrying some hidden meanings behind them. But if and a separate group of pictures that can be used in completely unexpected contexts. One of them is the Frog Emoji, about which we will tell you in detail today.

🐸 The Frog Head Emoji was assigned the code U+1F438, with which it was added to the Animals and Nature section of the Unicode 6.0 standard in 2010.

Meaning of the Frog Emoji

The frog is a harbinger of spring rains and the awakening of nature. In many cultures this amphibian symbolizes fertility. Frog rising from the water means the renewal of life and resurrection.

In the Chinese culture a frog is a lunar creature relating to the principle of yin, symbolizes the lunar beginning, immortality, wealth and longevity. For the Celts frog was a depiction of Lord of the Earth, the power of healing water. In the Egyptians culture a green frog Nile was a new life, abundant offspring, fertility, reproductive forces of nature, longevity and strength born out of weakness. The frog is the protector of mothers and newborns. Also, Frogs meant good luck in Japan, especially for travelers.

Frog Emojis

And also frogs symbolize hidden opportunities and realization of potential. After all, Frogs live in a humid environment and are not afraid of the swamp, they can get out of any “sinking situation”, remaining winners. After all, if a frog is threatened by an attack from a large fish in the water, it hides on land. And if it is not safe on land, it jumps into the water.

The Use of the Frog Emoji

In fact, the Frog Emoji is visually one of the most positive and good-natured emoticons in the Animals and Nature category. All thanks to the cute smile of this amphibian. So often this emoji is used as a regular emoticon, to uplift your mood and add playfulness to your posts and messages.

By the way, the emoji Frog is not perceived positively by everyone. And in popular social networks, such as Facebook, moderators pay special attention to the group of emoji, including Frog, because for many they are offensive.

And for good reason, because the symbol of the Frog in Internet culture has a rather ambiguous history. Thus, Pepe the Frog is one of the most popular Internet memes of all time. It originated in Matt Fury’s apolitical comic strip “The Boys Club.” In 2016, political extremists began linking the meme to white nationalism, leading the Anti-Defamation League to add it to its database of hate symbols.

The Frog Emoji is also very reminiscent of another popular character – Kermit from the Muppet Show. There are a lot of Internet memes connected with him too, but they are more cheerful and positive.

Emoji Frog


The frog is considered by many peoples to be a symbol of fertility, wealth and prosperity. The world cosmogony connects frogs, first of all, with the idea of fertility.These amphibious animals are considered the keepers of earthly and heavenly moisture, which gives strength to all living things. The frog is the ancestor of the world, symbolizing the earthly feminine.In addition, the frog is a lunar animal, and woman and motherhood are associated with lunar rhythms and the earth.

But despite its rich cultural history, the symbol of the frog can also be perceived by many today as horniness. So when sending this emoji in your message, make sure your conversation partner understands you correctly.

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