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Four Roses LogoFour Roses Logo PNG

Four Roses is a renowned whiskey brand, situated in the heart of Kentucky’s bourbon country. Owned by the Japanese firm Kirin Brewery Company, the distillery produces a variety of premium bourbons that are widely acclaimed. Operational for over a century, the company finds its roots stretching back to the 1800s. The Lawrenceburg facility in Kentucky is where the magic happens. Utilizing distinct yeast strains and a unique two-mashbill approach, Four Roses creates a myriad of bourbon expressions, each characterized by its flavor and richness.

Meaning and history

Founded in the late 19th century by Paul Jones Jr., Four Roses stands as a testament to premium bourbon craftsmanship. The brand, originating in Georgia, was named for the romantic gesture of Jones receiving roses from his sweetheart. Over the years, it’s grown in prominence with noteworthy achievements, including being one of the top-selling bourbons in the U.S. during the 30s and 40s. Moreover, its commitment to quality is reflected in its ten unique bourbon recipes. In contemporary times, Four Roses thrives under the stewardship of the Kirin Brewery Company. With its rich history, the distillery continues its tradition, offering world-class bourbon products to enthusiasts globally.

What is Four Roses?
Four Roses is a distinguished Kentucky-based bourbon whiskey brand. Established in the late 19th century, it offers a range of premium bourbons and is celebrated for its unique recipes and exceptional craftsmanship.

1888 – Today

Four Roses Logo

The “Four Roses Bourbon” logo harmoniously marries simplicity with elegance, resulting in an emblem that’s both timeless and evocative. The focal point is unmistakably the quartet of sumptuously detailed red roses, clustered together within a minimalist golden circle. Each rose, meticulously rendered, bursts forth in full bloom, symbolizing passion, love, and dedication. Their lush petals, with delicate shadows and highlights, evoke the sensory pleasures one might associate with the product—richness, depth, and layers of nuanced flavors.

Below this emblematic floral quartet, the typography takes center stage. “Four Roses” is spelled out in a sophisticated, serif font, its curves and flourishes harmonizing beautifully with the organic shapes of the roses above. The letters flow seamlessly, with the “F” and “R” slightly enlarged, bestowing a touch of regality. Directly beneath, “BOURBON” is proudly declared in a more straightforward, capitalized font, grounding the brand’s identity and leaving no doubt about the product’s nature. The juxtaposition of the two typefaces provides a delightful interplay between the refined and the robust.

A subtle yet crucial finishing touch is the registered trademark symbol “®”, positioned adjacently to “Roses”. This little mark serves as a testament to the brand’s established reputation and exclusivity in the market. Overall, the design is a brilliant ode to tradition, quality, and craft, ensuring that the “Four Roses Bourbon” brand remains etched in the minds of its audience.

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