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Cap Emoji – what it means and how to use it.

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Cap Emoji


With the development of technology and the emergence of computers, smartphones and Internet, a lot of different services, memes, videos, and new different words began to appear. People started to communicate through gadgets. Emoji became very popular. Emoji is a picture that conveys some emotion. And if with faces everything is extremely clear, and sometimes even obvious, then there is a separate category of emoji, which requires more detailed explanations. One such emoji is the blue cap.

So, as you’ve already guessed, today we’re going to talk in more detail specifically about the Blue Cap emoji.

🧢 The Baseball Cap emoji was assigned the code U+1F9E2, with which it was added to the Unicode 10.0 Objects section in 2017.

Meaning of the Cap Emoji

Emoji Cap

On social media, including Twitter, it’s common to see a positive comment that ends with the “blue cap” emoji.

Do not be happy ahead of time if your post is praised in this way, because this is how web users criticize the publication, without using foul language. With a single symbol they dramatically change the meaning of their comment, making it ironic, often sarcastic. Soon the emoji migrated to independent posts, where it became a meme about lying.

The “blue cap” emoji originally appeared in the English-language segment of TikTok, where social network users wrote the phrase “No Cap”. In fact, commenters were referring not to the headgear, but to the slang meaning – no lie.

The expression No Cap is slang meaning “no lie”, “in reality”. It is usually used to emphasize the lack of exaggeration in something that is hard to believe. The slang expression started gaining popularity in 2017, when rappers Future and Young Thug released a track with the same name.

Soon users of the Web removed the negation from the word combination, and the term itself began to be replaced by an emoji, which thus acquired a new meaning. By the way, the color of the icon itself has no meaning.

The Use of the Cap Emoji

Cap Emojis

In fact, the meaning of the Blue Cap emoji is very simple, namely, sarcasm or falsehood. In other words, if a comment to a post says “You’re so cute” but has a blue baseball cap icon, it means that the blogger is not cute at all, at least in the commenter’s opinion.

Examples of blue cap use on social media are quite extensive. Often the blue cap is used as an addition to a post to show that the blogger is so bad that he needs to delete his channel. In addition, some people put emoji when they don’t want to be lied to in the comments.

You’re reading nice comments, enjoying the positive appreciation of your work, your clever words or your looks – and suddenly you see a blue cap. This means that everything that was taken literally before turns out to have the exact opposite meaning. You were offended, and you took the praise at face value. That makes it all the more hurtful and painful. In general, the cap turns everything into the exact opposite.

Such a badge is a kind of irony, a light mockery, an undercurrent. In general, if you receive a message, and in it there is such a badge, it means that a person is ironizing something.

But it should be noted that not always “blue cap” is used in a negative way, sometimes it’s just an emoji that people use in their messages. Well, for example, a person bought himself a new cap, for this reason and inserts such an emoji. In any case, you need to know the very context of the message and from this is already based on it.


If a user sends you the Blue Cap emoji, it means they are criticizing you for something. Or it can mean some kind of teasing or irony.

The blue color does not play a role here, the key element is the cap itself. It is an emoji that indicates that words should be taken the other way around. This mockery, a way to jab, but at the same time not to write something unpleasant. After all, if you write like this, then the author has nothing to pick on, because there are no rude words in the comment.

If the author puts a cap in the hashtags, it means that the video should be perceived as a prank. For example, the author gives harmful advice, but with a smart face, and the cap indicates that it is not worth doing so.

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