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“Butt” magazine, launched in 2001, is a unique publication that boldly stands out in the world of magazines. Targeted primarily at a gay audience, it’s renowned for its frank, unfiltered conversations on sexuality, culture, and identity. The magazine’s design is distinguished by its raw, minimalist aesthetic, combining striking photography with candid interviews. A hallmark of “Butt” is its vibrant pink pages and the use of its signature typeface, contributing to its distinctive and iconic look. This publication, while niche, has had a significant cultural impact, earning a devoted following for its authentic representation and daring content.

Meaning and history

“Butt” magazine, a trailblazer in queer culture, was launched in 2001 by Gert Jonkers and Jop van Bennekom in Amsterdam. It arose from a need for an authentic, unapologetic voice in the gay community, distinct from mainstream gay publications. The magazine’s raw, direct approach, coupled with its distinctive pink pages and minimalist design, quickly garnered attention.

Characterized by its candid interviews and bold photography, “Butt” provided a platform for open discussions on sexuality, politics, and art, often with a humorous twist. It broke stereotypes, showcasing a diverse range of individuals from the LGBTQ+ community, and celebrated the everyday alongside the famous. Contributors included notable figures like John Waters and Wolfgang Tillmans, enhancing its eclectic and avant-garde appeal.

Its quarterly circulation became a cult favorite, famed for its mix of high and low culture and its unfiltered portrayal of gay life. “Butt” was not just a magazine; it was a community, fostering connections through its parties, website, and the iconic “Butt Club.”

Despite its niche appeal, “Butt” had a significant cultural impact, influencing attitudes and conversations around sexuality and identity. It was a pioneer in bringing subversive and queer content into a more mainstream light. The magazine ceased print in 2011, leaving behind a legacy as a provocative and groundbreaking publication in the history of queer media. Its influence continues, remembered for challenging norms and celebrating the diversity of gay life.

What is Butt?
“Butt” magazine is a groundbreaking publication that emerged in the early 2000s, renowned for its raw and candid portrayal of the gay community. It stands out for its minimalist design, iconic pink pages, and unfiltered discussions on sexuality and culture, making it a distinctive and influential voice in queer media.

2001 – 2011

Butt Logo

The logo is a bold, assertive specimen of typographic design, consisting of the word “BUTT” in all caps. The letters are rendered in a stark, heavy black font that conveys a sense of robustness and impact. Each character stands thick and wide, occupying space with an unyielding presence. The uniformity of the color and the absence of serifs on the font emphasize a modern and clean look. The overall design speaks to a minimalist aesthetic while commanding attention through its simplicity and substantial weight. This logo’s straightforward and unembellished style projects confidence and a no-frills attitude.

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