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Balloon Emoji – what it means and how to use it.

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In the set of Unicode emoji, available today on any electronic device, there is a large number of different pictures that can replace not only emotions, but also words and whole sentences. Of course, there are both negative and positive pictures, because life, unfortunately, consists not only of pleasant moments. There are also emoji that are clear to everyone at a glance, and there are some that you can puzzle over for a long time. But today we will talk about one of the most obvious and positive emoji from the Unicode set, the Balloon Emoji.

🎈 The Balloon Emoji was assigned the code U+1F388, with which it was added to the Activities section of the Unicode 6.0 standard in 2010.

Meaning of the Balloon Emoji

Many studies show that balloons evoke feelings of elation, joy and even nostalgia in those who encounter them. These positive feelings often evoke a sense of fulfillment or satisfaction when they are performed or shared with a group of people attending an event being celebrated – such as a birthday party, wedding or anniversary.

Balloon Emoji

Some researchers also suggest that balloons may evoke feelings of relaxation and contentment due to their shape and color, which are often found in “happy” environments, such as children’s playgrounds or family gatherings.

Balloons are perhaps the easiest way to show and tell a person that you have tried to make them feel good, to surround them with festivities. Balloons always bring positive emotions, great mood, lasting impressions.

Whether balloons are used for decoration or for games, family gatherings, educational festivals, etc., they play an important role in enhancing people’s emotional well-being by evoking feelings such as joy, accomplishment, security, relaxation, contentment, optimism, etc., allowing individuals, groups, families, etc. to express themselves through creative actions that unite and ultimately create favorable vibes in general.

The Use of the Balloon Emoji

A balloon is associated with childhood. This object is available to everyone, and if such a miracle falls into your hands, you feel that you own a priceless treasure.

A balloon is a holiday, bright emotions. The balloon is light and flies very smoothly, its slow smooth movement soothes.

Emoji Balloon

Very part of us, releasing the balloon into the sky, involuntarily and unconsciously make a wish, and then experience a whole range of pleasant emotions: joy, excitement, hope, regret, faith in a miracle. We stand for a long time, looking after the whole salute of colorful balloons, our heart sinks, tears of happiness come to our eyes, the emotional background stabilizes.

Balloon is one of the harmonious models of the world of people who know how to be happy and enjoy life.

If you are sad, hurt, offended, heavy or tired – buy yourself a balloon. And if you want to cheer someone up, give them a balloon – even if it’s in the form of an emoji. Because no one can be sad when they have a balloon. Also put Balloon Emoji in event posts, in party invitations and in congratulatory messages.


Balloons symbolize lightness, airiness, and also represent the future – so birthday balloons are a symbol of a happy future. The fact that the balloon is round also carries a certain meaning. The circle is a symbol of the sun, of peace, of destiny. As you can see, balloons – symbolize only good, so they are an important attribute of any holiday.

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