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Avatr LogoAvatr Logo PNG

Avatr Technology is a Chinese automobile brand that came into existence in 2020. It was created by three companies: Changan Automobile Concern, technology company Huawei Technologies Co., and lithium-ion battery manufacturer CATL. The company unveiled its first model in 2022.

Meaning and history

Avatar Technology is a renamed Changan Weilai company established in 2018 as a joint venture between Changan and Nio. The renaming was the result of a major restructuring, during which battery manufacturer CATL and IT giant Huawei, known for its smartphones, became Changan’s main partners in the new electric car project.

The brand’s first model, the Avatr 11 crossover (“one-one”, not “eleven”), debuted in 2021, with the Avatr 12 sedan joining the crossover later. All cars under the Avatr brand are electric and are positioned as premium models. The reason for this positioning lies in the technology. Large batteries, which are necessary to provide a large range, make the cars expensive, but at the same time powerful and dynamic. In this regard, manufacturers have decided not to skimp on additional options, offering consumers richly equipped cars.

The Avatr 11 is comparable in size to the BMW X5, and there are two versions to choose from. Both of them are twin-engine with a power plant with a capacity of 578 horsepower, and the battery capacity differs – 90 or 116 kilowatt hours. From a place to a “hundred,” crossover accelerates in four seconds, passes without recharging 555 kilometers, and develops a maximum speed of 200 kilometers per hour.

Avatr 12 also has two modifications, but the battery in both cases is the same (94.5 kilowatt-hours), and the power of the electric propulsion system differs – 313 or 578 horsepower. The claimed range on the CLTC cycle is 700 kilometers, and the maximum speed is limited to 200 kilometers per hour.

What is Avatr?
Avatr is the name of a Chinese automaking brand, which has been around since 2020. It is a joint product of Changan Automobile Concern, which is responsible for their production, IT giant Huawei, which develops software for the multimedia system, and CATL, which supplies batteries for traction batteries.

In terms of visual identity, Avatr is somewhat special. The lightweight geometric logo of the Chinese car brand looks innovative and resembles more of an AI or IT, but not the automaking industry. Although, when placed on the bonnet of the Avatr cars, the emblem turns into a solid and decent element with a lot of confidence and brutality in it.

2020 – Today

Avatr Logo

The Avatr logo was created in 2020, and as of 2023 hasn’t been changed yet. The designers did a great job from the beginning, so the need in changes for the company is not even close. The logo is composed of two elements — the emblem and the wordmark. The graphical part depicts a flat image of a vertical rectangle, divided into four triangles, with the largest one placed in the middle, and pointing down. As for the lettering, it is set in the uppercase, with the expanded characters written in a sharp and modern sans-serif typeface. Both elements of the Avatr logo are usually depicted in black on a white background.

Font and color

Avatr Emblem

The stylish uppercase lettering from the primary logo of Avatr is set in a custom Sam’s-serif typeface with the removed horizontal bars of both letters “A”. Even though it is a designer font, it has something in common with such commercial types as ND Alias Wide Book, Betique Bold, or Xspace Regular.

As for the color palette of the Avatr visual identity, it is most often composed of black and white, where the elements can be set in black and placed on a white background or vice versa. When placed on the bonnet of the Avatr car, the emblem turns silver, in its medium-dark shade with a matte surface.

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