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Ahegao Emoji – what it means and how to use it.

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Ahegao Emoji

Yes, today, with the help of emoji you can express almost any emotion or facial expression, but the modern Internet world is developing so quickly that sometimes Unicode just does not have time to add emoji, which at the moment there is a need for young users. One such example was the Ahegao emoji. But as it turned out, it can also be replaced by an existing emoji. But we’ll talk about it below.

So, today on the Internet incredibly popular ahegao-chan – girls who stick out their tongue and roll their eyes, imitating pleasure. The word “ahegao” was borrowed from Japanese and translates literally as “ah-face” – an expression that appears at the moment of orgasm in anime characters. Girls and, with few exceptions, guys roll their eyes, stick out their tongues, and moan. Also, the characters’ cheeks turn red and salivation increases. Based on the last few criteria, users have found a perfectly acceptable substitute for the Ahegao Emoji even in the standard Unicode set. Namely:

🥵 Fever Emoji, which was assigned the code U+1F975, with which it was added to the Faces and Emotions section of the Unicode 11.0 standard in 2018.

Meaning and Use of the Ahegao Emoji

Ahegao is the facial expression at the moment of excessive pleasure and enjoyment (including sexual pleasure). It is characterized by rolled eyes, open mouth and sticking out the tongue. Derived from the Japanese “ahekao”, where “ahe” is ah (a gasping or moaning sound) and “kao” is face.

At first, ahekao were only seen in Japanese pornographic magazines in the 1990s and 18+ manga. However, in 2008, anime fans started a trend of redrawing characters’ faces in the ahegao style. This phenomenon became known as ahegao-kin, i.e. ahegao-infection. It was believed that a character with ahegao was infected with a virus.

Over time, the image of ahegao-chan became popular among Net users and grew into a small subculture. Girls dress up in anime costumes, make characteristic faces and collect a lot of likes and criticism.

Ahegao Emojis

Some experts in the field say that there are three main rules of ahegao: Wide open mouth and sticking out the tongue. Traces of one or more bodily fluids on the face – tears, saliva, sweat. Eyes rolled up so that the pupils are not visible.

But in modern ahegao expression one can see the application of only some of these rules or their partial application (eyes rolled up, but not completely; mouth wide open and tongue sticking out). And under all these criteria, strangely enough, the emoji 🥵, which is actually called the fever emoji and was created to show the sick state of a person.


As we have just seen, even the most progressive and youthful concepts, which have just started to enter into use and become popular, can be replaced by already existing emoji. And moreover, those that were approved by Unicode not yesterday, but more than five years ago. Of course, in what sense this emoji will be perceived – depends solely on your interlocutor, and here your task is to let him understand what exactly you meant.

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