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Acana LogoAcana Logo PNG

Acana is a globally recognized brand specializing in high-quality pet foods. Renowned for its biologically appropriate recipes, the brand emphasizes natural and fresh ingredients. Acana’s products span various lines to suit different pet needs, from age to dietary restrictions. Predominantly, North America and Europe are key markets, but its footprint is expanding globally. The brand is under the umbrella of Champion Petfoods, a leading pet food manufacturer.

Meaning and history

Acana, a distinguished name in the pet food sector, hails from Canada and is a flagship brand under Champion Petfoods. Founded in the 1980s, Champion Petfoods embarked on a mission to provide “Biologically Appropriate” pet foods, a term now intrinsically linked with Acana.

Throughout its history, Acana has been synonymous with freshness, innovation, and quality. Unlike many competitors who outsourced production, Champion Petfoods chose to retain direct control by creating their own kitchens. This decision was pivotal, allowing them to maintain impeccable quality and uphold their “WholePrey” ratios, which focus on using fresh meat, organs, and cartilage in formulations that mirror the natural diet of wild canids and felids.

Acana’s journey was marked by expansion and evolution. From its humble beginnings in Alberta, Canada, the brand witnessed exponential growth, leading to the opening of a second state-of-the-art kitchen in Kentucky, USA, to cater to growing demand.

While the brand’s core philosophy remained unwavering, its product line saw continuous refinement to cater to the ever-evolving understanding of pet nutrition. They introduced various product lines, each designed for specific pet needs, from age-specific formulas to those catering to dietary sensitivities.

Ownership transitions were not prominently publicized, but what’s clear is that throughout its existence, Champion Petfoods, the parent entity of Acana, held tight to its guiding principles. This consistency can be attributed to the brand’s international recognition and trust.


Acana Logo

The logo showcases the bold word “ACANA” in uppercase, stylized letters. Each letter is outlined, giving them a pronounced and distinct presence. The characters possess a dynamic angularity, reminiscent of chiseled typography. Within the word, certain letters overlap, notably the “A” and “C” as well as the “N” and the final “A,” forging a sense of unity and cohesion. The typeface is robust and commands attention. The overall design is presented in monochrome, emphasizing the stark contrast and enhancing its visual impact.

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