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30+ Best Gin Brands and Logos

Best logos - gin


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30+ Best Gins Brands and Logos

In the realm of spirits, gin stands as a beacon of both tradition and innovation, a liquid canvas where distillers paint their botanical masterpieces. Amidst this intricate dance of flavors and aromas, the identity of a gin brand often hinges on an element just as pivotal as the spirit itself of the logo. A logo is not merely a symbol, it’s the distillation of a brand’s entire story into a single emblematic visual. It’s the first encounter, a silent ambassador that whispers the tales of botanicals, heritage, and craftsmanship.

Each gin logo is a tapestry woven with threads of history, culture, and artistic expression. They range from intricate illustrations that hark back to gin’s rich past, to sleek, modern designs that speak of contemporary craftsmanship. These logos are more than just marketing tools. They are the embodiment of the gin’s essence, a visual language that communicates with consumers, connoisseurs, and casual sippers alike.

In the world of gin, logos serve a dual purpose. They are both guardians of legacy and harbingers of innovation. From the classical elegance of juniper berries and the traditional copper still, to the avant-garde use of abstract art and typography, gin logos encapsulate the spirit of their contents. They tell a story of place and time, of distillers’ visions and the evolution of gin through the ages.

This exploration into the logos of gin brands is not just about appreciating their aesthetic value. It delves into the deeper narrative each logo represents, unraveling the history, the botanicals, the unique distillation processes, and the personal stories behind these iconic symbols. As we journey through the world of gin logos, we uncover how these symbols serve as windows into the soul of the gin, offering a glimpse into the passion, dedication, and artistry that goes into every bottle.

Ableforth’s Bathtub Gin

Ableforth's Bathtub Logo

This exquisite craft spirit stands out with its award-winning profile, meticulously crafted through a cold compounding method. The blend of traditional botanicals, paired with a pioneering approach to gin-making, gifts Ableforth’s Bathtub Gin a flavor richness and smoothness that resonates with aficionados globally. The branding of this gin takes a whimsical turn, with a logo design that harks back to an earlier time, its script akin to hand-written notes from days gone by. Its lettering, irregular yet playful, evokes a sense of bespoke artisanship and echoes the clandestine charm of Prohibition-era speakeasies, perfectly encapsulating the artisanal and unorthodox essence of the gin.


Beefeater Logo

Tracing its roots back to 1863 and named in honor of the Yeomen Warders guarding the Tower of London, Beefeater holds a distinguished place as one of the top-selling gins worldwide. Its standout character comes from a rigorous distillation process that uses nine botanicals, including the likes of juniper, lemon peel, and Seville orange peel, resulting in a crisp and clean gin profile. The brand’s visual identity is marked by a striking logo featuring bold, red lettering that embodies the quintessential British spirit and the resilience of the Tower’s guardians. The sharp serifs in the font convey a sense of tradition and authority, while the inclusion of ‘London’ in the logo firmly roots it in its historic origins.

Ben Lomond Gin

Ben Lomond Logo

Inspired by Scotland’s breathtaking landscapes, Ben Lomond Gin offers a premium gin experience, integrating locally sourced botanicals such as blackcurrants and rowan berries. This creates a vibrant and unique flavor profile that captures the essence of the Scottish Highlands. In contrast, the logo of Ben Lomond Gin leans towards a modern and simplistic aesthetic, utilizing a clean sans-serif font and a diamond shape that symbolizes stability and reliability. The logo’s earthy orange color pays tribute to the natural beauty of Scotland, reflecting the gin’s deep connection to its Scottish origins.

Berry Bros & Rudd

Berry Bros & Rudd Logo

Established in 1698, Berry Bros & Rudd enjoys the reputation of being Britain’s oldest wine and spirit merchant. The company’s rich history is evident in its range of premium spirits, which includes a gin crafted with exceptional skill, embodying centuries of heritage and expertise in selecting and blending the finest ingredients. The logo of Berry Bros & Rudd is distinguished by dual crests that frame a minimalist central design, signifying royal warrants and a legacy of trustworthiness. Its stark black and white color scheme exudes timeless elegance, while the simple typeface reflects the company’s long-standing identity as distinguished wine and spirit merchants.

Bombay Sapphire

Bombay Sapphire logo

Renowned for its distinctive blue bottle, Bombay Sapphire embodies a level of sophistication and exoticism in the world of gins. Its unique vapour-infusion distillation process yields a flavor profile marked by subtlety and balance, with juniper, lemon peel, and coriander standing out. The brand’s logo radiates royal elegance, featuring a sapphire encased within a golden crown, symbolizing its status as a jewel among gins. This imagery, combined with the deep blue color and meticulous detailing, mirrors the sophistication and precious stone-like quality suggested by its name.

Cutty Sark

Cutty Sark logo

Though primarily celebrated for its Scotch whisky, Cutty Sark’s foray into gin production is marked by a commitment to quality and a fusion of traditional and contemporary botanicals. This approach suits a wide array of tastes. The brand’s logo, which showcases the famous clipper ship on a parchment-styled background, evokes a sense of nautical adventure and historical voyages. The strong, black script contrasts with the warm, amber background, reminiscent of whisky’s rich warmth, reinforcing the brand’s heritage while introducing its gin venture.

Death’s Door

Death’s Door Logo

Death’s Door Gin, originating from Wisconsin, is acclaimed for its elegantly simple botanical mix, combining juniper, coriander, and fennel. This composition offers a modern reinterpretation of classic gin, appealing to both traditionalists and those in search of a novel taste experience. The logo of Death’s Door Spirits blends a vintage aura with modern sensibilities, featuring intricate Art Nouveau-inspired detailing. The intriguing name hints at the legendary passage between Door Peninsula and Washington Island in Wisconsin, adding a layer of mystique to the brand.

Dorothy Parker

Dorothy Parker Logo

New York Distilling Company’s Dorothy Parker Gin pays homage to the famed American writer through its unique blend of both traditional and modern botanicals, including juniper, elderberries, citrus, and hibiscus petals. This combination results in a gin that is both nuanced and distinctively characterful. The brand’s logo features an elegant silhouette of Dorothy Parker herself, set amidst Art Deco-style motifs, capturing the charm and wit of the Jazz Age. The choice of typography harks back to the era of typewriters, further connecting the spirit to its literary namesake.

Elephant Gin

Elephant Gin Logo

Elephant Gin, a handcrafted premium gin from Germany, stands out not just for its unique flavor but also for its noble cause. Inspired by the African elephant and its natural habitat, the gin features a blend of rare African botanicals, offering an exotic and distinctive flavor profile. What sets Elephant Gin apart is its philanthropic commitment, with a portion of its profits dedicated to African elephant conservation. The brand’s logo, elegantly depicting the silhouette of an elephant, symbolizes both the African inspiration behind the gin and the brand’s dedication to conservation. The trunk, playfully shaped as if sipping, adds a touch of whimsy, all encapsulated in a clean, contemporary design.

Few Spirits

Few Logo

Few Spirits, hailing from Evanston, Illinois, brings a unique offering to the gin world with its Few Gin. Celebrated for its daring blend of traditional and unconventional botanicals like fennel and grains of paradise, this gin embodies a bold and flavor-rich profile. The FEW Spirits logo mirrors this boldness, blending retro and avant-garde elements. Its blocky, assertive typeface hearkens back to the prohibition era, reflecting the rebellious spirit of the Evanston-based distillery and the pioneering essence of its community.

Fords Gin

Fords Gin Logo

Created in collaboration with bartenders and distilled in London, Fords Gin is celebrated for its versatility and juniper-rich flavor, ideal for cocktail mixing. Its balanced blend of nine botanicals results in a classic, accessible gin, meticulously crafted for any gin-based drink. The logo of Fords Gin features a bold, green, sans-serif typeface, conveying confidence and a contemporary flair. The emblematic elephant on a medallion within the logo symbolizes strength and the global sourcing of its botanicals, while the brand’s commitment to simplicity over grandeur is highlighted in its slogan.

Four Pillars

Four Pillars Logo

As an Australian craft gin distillery, Four Pillars has gained recognition for its innovative approach, especially evident in its Rare Dry Gin, which includes unique botanicals like Tasmanian pepperberry and lemon myrtle. The use of a custom-made copper still contributes to the gin’s fresh and zesty profile, earning global acclaim. The logo of Four Pillars, characterized by stark, clean lines and a classic font, pays homage to its roots as a small distillery established in 2013. It encapsulates the essence of its artisanal method and the foundational pillars of its craft.


Foxdenton Logo

Foxdenton Estate, a family-operated British company, is renowned for its traditional London Dry Gin and an array of fruit-infused gins, each steeped in authenticity and rich heritage. These gins are celebrated for their balanced and classic flavors, deeply rooted in the English gin-making tradition. The Foxdenton logo skillfully combines a vintage script font with contemporary typography, reflecting its storied history dating back to 1935. This juxtaposition highlights its role as a purveyor of distinct spirits and liqueurs. The tagline “Recognisably Different” beneath the logo underscores the brand’s commitment to uniqueness in the world of spirits.

Gin Mare

Gin Mare Logo

Originating from Spain, Gin Mare captures the essence of the Mediterranean in its gin, known for its incorporation of distinctive botanicals like arbequina olive, thyme, basil, and rosemary. This unique blend of flavors reflects an innovative approach to gin-making, embodying the spirit and tastes of the region. The logo of Gin Mare is an elegant mix of typography and imagery, with the ornate ‘M’ adorned with an olive branch, symbolizing its Mediterranean heritage and the unique botanicals that set its flavor apart.


Gordons Gin Logo

Since 1769, Gordon’s Gin has been a top-selling London Dry gin, reflecting its enduring popularity and consistent quality over centuries. Its dominant juniper flavor and signature green bottle mark it as a globally recognized brand. The logo, with bold red letters in a classic serif font, conveys Gordon’s rich British heritage. Its simple, unadorned design embodies the traditional essence of London Dry Gin.

Gray Whale Gin

Gray Whale Logo

Celebrating the majestic journey of the gray whale, Gray Whale Gin is a Californian craft gin that brings a unique story to the world of spirits. Its ingredients, including juniper and sea kelp, are sourced from the gray whale’s migratory route, offering a distinctive and eco-friendly flavor profile that embodies the essence of the Pacific coast’s terroir. The logo of Gray Whale Gin artistically portrays the whale’s tail using a series of lines, symbolizing the brand’s path along the Pacific Coast. This emblem highlights their dedication to natural, sustainable ingredients and their commitment to environmental preservation.


Hayman's Logo

With a heritage stretching back over 150 years, the British family-run business Hayman’s Gin is a beacon in the realm of traditional English gin production. Its renowned London Dry Gin is a testament to its dedication to age-old methods, blending ten botanicals to forge a gin that is both quintessentially classic and remarkably smooth. This timeless flavor is embodied in the Hayman’s logo, which combines an elegant serif font with the historic affirmation “Since 1863”, highlighting its long-standing expertise in London gin creation. Additionally, the “of London” tagline proudly anchors its roots in its place of origin.

Hepple Gin

Hepple Logo

In the secluded Moors of Northumberland, Hepple Gin brings a unique touch to gin-making with its groundbreaking three-tier distillation process. This includes advanced high-fidelity distillation and supercritical extraction techniques, capturing the raw purity of botanicals such as wild juniper. The result is a gin that resonates with extraordinary depth and a refreshing character. The Hepple Gin brand identity mirrors the untamed essence of Northumberland, utilizing a sharp, traditional serif font in its logo to represent a harmonious blend of classic distillation methods and cutting-edge technology.


Koval Logo

KOVAL Gin, a trailblazer in the Chicago craft distillery scene, offers an organic gin distinguished by its grain-to-bottle approach. It skillfully combines unique woodland spices and botanicals, yielding a spirit that is both crisp and clean, melding contemporary flavors with the soul of traditional gin crafting. The simplicity and modernity of KOVAL’s logo, featuring a sleek, modern sans-serif font, encapsulates the brand’s commitment to organic production and its craft distillery ethos.

Malfy Gin

Malfy Logo

Malfy Gin, hailing from Italy’s picturesque Amalfi Coast, encapsulates the region’s abundant citrus legacy. Its Con Limone variant stands out, infused with locally sourced sun-kissed lemons and classic Italian botanicals. This gin offers a lively, invigorating taste that transports one to the Italian coastline. The logo of Malfy Gin, with its vivid blue hues and bold typeface, pays homage to its Italian Riviera heritage. The lemon graphics subtly hint at the citrusy heart of the gin, while the encompassing phrase extols its exceptional quality and authentic origins.


Martini logo

Martini, a brand synonymous with high-quality vermouths, has also ventured into the world of gin, bringing its rich legacy of flavor expertise into this new arena. Martini’s gin is crafted with a focus on blending aromatic botanicals and herbs, harmonizing with its acclaimed range of vermouths. This fusion results in a gin that encapsulates the depth of Italian heritage and flavor mastery. The Martini logo, known for its striking, contrasting colors and bold, sans-serif font encircled in a classic red ring, captures the essence of Italian vibrancy and passion for life, representing the enduring charm and sophistication of the brand.



In the realm of non-alcoholic spirits, a standout brand is MONDAY Gin. This innovative offering brings to the table the complexity and depth of traditional gin while entirely omitting alcohol. It’s an excellent choice for those who prefer a mindful approach to drinking or seek a sophisticated, non-alcoholic addition to their cocktails. The brand’s logo, with its creative use of geometry and negative space, exudes modern elegance, mirroring the brand’s innovative approach to gin. This design subtly nods to their non-traditional and forward-thinking production techniques.

Monkey 47

Monkey 47 Logo

Hailing from Germany, the craft gin Monkey 47 has garnered a devoted following thanks to its distinctive use of 47 botanicals. This selection includes special ingredients from the Black Forest, creating a rich, complex flavor profile that blends traditional gin botanicals with rare local herbs and berries. The logo of Monkey 47, depicting a detailed monkey clutching a sprig, elegantly represents the 47 botanicals that make up this unique Schwarzwald Dry Gin. The classic font used in the logo further accentuates the brand’s commitment to premium craftsmanship.

Nikka Coffey Gin

Nikka Coffey Logo

Nikka, a renowned producer of Japanese whisky, has ventured into the gin market with their Coffey Gin. Made in a Coffey still, this gin combines traditional and Japanese botanicals, such as yuzu and sansho pepper, creating a fusion of Eastern and Western flavors. This results in a gin that is bright, aromatic, and delightfully complex. The logo of Nikka Coffey Gin, with its clean sans-serif font, reflects the modern Japanese twist on a traditional spirit, and the ‘Coffey’ in the name is a homage to the distillation equipment used.


NOLET’s Logo

Rooted in a rich Dutch distilling heritage dating back to 1691, NOLET’s offers a gin that is a seamless blend of tradition and modernity, especially evident in their NOLET’s Silver Gin. This gin stands out with its inclusion of distinctive botanicals like Turkish rose, peach, and raspberry, offering a fresh, contemporary flavor profile. The brand’s crest, flanked by mythical creatures, is a nod to the Nolet family’s long-standing distilling legacy. This, coupled with a simple yet elegant typeface, underscores the gin’s timeless charm.

Salcombe Gin

Salcombe Gin Logo

Originating from the historic port town of Salcombe in Devon, UK, Salcombe Gin is renowned for its handcrafted quality and the influence of its coastal origins. Utilizing botanicals inspired by historic seafaring trade routes, the gin achieves a sophisticated, smooth, and perfectly balanced profile. The logo of Salcombe Gin epitomizes modern minimalism. Its bold sans-serif font conveys clarity and premium quality, while its understated elegance is a nod to the brand’s rich coastal heritage.


Seedlip Logo

In the innovative domain of non-alcoholic spirits, Seedlip stands as a trailblazer, providing a refined alternative to traditional gin. Their offerings include a variety of complex, botanical-rich blends that are devoid of alcohol, sugar, and calories. This makes Seedlip an ideal choice for those desiring the intricate flavors of gin sans the alcohol. The brand’s logo is a masterwork of design, featuring a detailed, nature-inspired monogram that seamlessly integrates elements symbolic of the earth and distillation. This design not only reflects Seedlip’s avant-garde status in the non-alcoholic spirits arena but also employs a sophisticated palette of greens to emphasize its commitment to natural, earthy elements.

Shivering Mountain

Shivering Mountain Logo

Shivering Mountain Gin, inspired by the scenic beauty of the Peak District, stands out in the craft gin market. This gin is renowned for its unique blend of locally sourced botanicals, offering a genuine taste of the region’s distinct flora. The balance struck between traditional and modern flavors is a hallmark of this brand. The logo of Shivering Mountain Distillery is an embodiment of simplicity and elegance. The wave-like contours on the letters ingeniously hint at the rugged landscape of the Peak District, while the color scheme resonates with the warmth and artisanal quality of their handcrafted gin.

Silent Pool

Silent Pool Logo

Silent Pool Gin, crafted along the serene banks of Surrey’s Silent Pool, is celebrated for its complex and multi-layered flavor profile. Utilizing 24 different botanicals and a unique four-stage distillation process, Silent Pool Gin achieves a rich, clean, and intricate taste that perfectly encapsulates the serene and enigmatic aura of its origin. The logo features a graceful array of botanical illustrations, set against a warm color gradient that symbolizes the rich, natural flavors of the gin. Complementing this is a tranquil aqua shade, reflecting the calmness of the legendary Surrey spring, the Silent Pool.

Sipsmith London Dry

Sipsmith London Dry Logo

Sipsmith, a vanguard in the contemporary revival of gin, made history by opening the first copper-pot distillery in London in over two centuries. Their flagship product, Sipsmith London Dry Gin, is celebrated for its adherence to traditional recipes and a harmonious blend of botanicals, encapsulating the essence of London’s rich gin legacy. The logo of Sipsmith London is marked by the elegant depiction of a swan’s neck, symbolizing the brand’s grace and sophistication. Accompanied by a classic typeface, the logo pays homage to Sipsmith’s pioneering role in the modern craft gin movement.

St. George Spirits

St. George Spirits Logo

In the forefront of the American craft distillery revolution, the Californian establishment, St. George Spirits, is renowned for its ingenious approach to crafting gin. It offers a spectrum of gins, each a testament to innovation and skilled artisanship. These gins are imbued with a rich array of botanicals, reflecting the distinctive character of California’s natural environment. The brand’s emblem features a bold, western-style typography, echoing the aesthetics of woodcut prints with its pronounced serifs and a textured fill, creating an aura of heritage and skill. The phrase “ARTISAN DISTILLERS” is a nod to the quality and craft behind their products. “SINCE 1982” at the base of the logo denotes the company’s longstanding expertise in distillation.

Tanqueray Gin

Tanqueray Logo

Tanqueray, established in 1830, enjoys global acclaim as a gin brand, known for its clear, juniper-centric flavor and iconic green bottle. Gin enthusiasts and bars worldwide favor it. The brand’s emblem features “Tanqueray” in an elegant, flowing cursive script, symbolizing sophistication and a classic approach to gin crafting. A bold, crimson seal with a stylized “T” and ornamental flourish, likely representing the founder’s initial or quality, sits above the script. The words “LONDON DRY GIN” in a straightforward, sans-serif font below the script indicate the spirit’s style and origin. “IMPORTED” inscribed smaller underneath highlights the brand’s global appeal, blending British heritage with premium allure.

The Botanist

The Botanist Logo

Originating from the Isle of Islay in Scotland, The Botanist distinguishes itself with a sustainable and artisanal approach to gin-making. It incorporates 22 hand-foraged local botanicals, creating a gin that is both smooth and complex, mirroring the rich diversity of its island habitat. The logo adopts a minimalist, modern style, utilizing a sleek, sans-serif font. The evenly spaced letters contribute to its contemporary, upscale feel. “THE BOTANIST” is prominently displayed at the top in a larger font, establishing the brand’s identity. Below, in a smaller font, “ISLAY DRY GIN” serves as a succinct, descriptive subtitle, indicating its geographic origin and spirit type.

Three Wrens Gin

Three Wrens Gin Logo

Three Wrens Gin, from the picturesque county of Cheshire in England, prides itself on producing distinctive gins with original flavors, like Bison Grass Gin and Apple Crumble Edition, each embodying the founder’s love for nature and inventive spirit in gin crafting. The logo features an artistic depiction of nature with three birds, symbolizing the spirit’s freedom and lightness. “THREE WRENS” is elegantly written in a serif font, blending modern and classical gin-making values. “GIN” appears in a bold, large, sans-serif font, emphasizing the product’s identity. The logo’s monochromatic color scheme has a golden tint, suggesting premium quality and flavor richness.

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